How to Fix the Error 0x8007045D


Many Windows users encounter a Windows 0x8007045D error. This problem usually occurs when you try to perform a backup of your computer's data. Most of the time, the corruption in the Windows registry is the reason for this error. To correct this error, you will be ready to take some steps that will be beneficial to the health of your computer system and ultimately help you to resolve this error.

Follow the steps below to solve the problem: [19659002] · Run Checkdsk

· Disable security services

· Cleaning debris files

· Reduce Disk Volume

Run Checkdsk

The error 0x8007045D can be corrected by running checkdsk scan. This scan helps you find internal corruption in Windows. To run the checkdsk, follow the steps below:

1. Click Start

2. In the search box, type CMD and press Enter

3. Enter the following command in the Chkdsk / R X command prompt

NOTE: The X command is used for the drive letter

4. press Enter

5. Press Y to start a disk check when you restart your PC

6. Close all programs

7. Restart your computer

8. Repeat steps 1 to 5 to run the disk check for all drives.

9. At the end of the disk check for all drives, run the backup process again

Disable Security Services

This can prevent you from making backups and cause the error 0x8007045D. It is therefore important to disable the antivirus and firewall before starting the backup process. You can disable the antivirus by following the steps below:

1. Click Start

2. Go to programs

3. Click on the antivirus program to open it

4. Go to his parameters

5. Disable Antivirus

Cleaning Debris Files

The error 0x8007045D may occur if the Windows registry is corrupted. The registry stores all details about programs and applications as keys. Errors in the registry can be corrected with the help of the registry cleaner and repair tool.

Volume of Retractable Disc

Follow these steps to perform the disc reduction option:

1. Open Disk Manager

2. Right-click on the base volume you want to reduce

3. Click Reduce Volume

4. Follow the instructions on the screen

Recommendation of the experts

To correct the error 0x8007045D, many experts recommend to use a good software System Utilities. It not only corrects errors in your system, but also improves the stability of your PC. The most important feature of such software is the cleaning power of the registry.


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