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How To Formulate The Right Gift Certificate Wording

It is difficult to get a good wording for a gift certificate (also called a gift certificate). There are some mandatory items and optional items that you want to include in a good gift. In addition to these standard items, you may want to consider adding a few disclaimers in order to impose certain restrictions on the use of your gift certificate.

Required Items

When completing a gift card template, you should not forget to include the following:

    • name of your company
    • name of recipient
    • value of the bond (in dollars or local currency) or service provided. This is the most sensitive element of the certificate. In particular, you do not want the customer to change the amount easily! It is therefore better to print it than write it manually.
  • serial number of the certificate. A serial number is important for many reasons, including fighting fraud and tracking gift certificates that you have issued. By assigning a unique number to each gift certificate, you can easily verify that it has not been changed when the customer wishes to exchange it. For example, you may have a tracking log that associates the serial number with its value, date of issue, and customer name.

Some Optional Items

  • name of the buyer: probably a mandatory element for most vouchers!
  • personal message: it is a very good way to customize a certificate by giving the opportunity to the buyer to add a personalized message to the recipient.


    • Restriction for a certain type of service / product: If you want to offer a certificate for a specific service, specify “valid only for service X” or “to be used for the purchase of X”.
    • No cash value. This will protect you against customers wishing to exchange the certificate for money (people will try to do it!). Mention “no cash value” or “no cash value” on the certificate.
    • non-transferability: If you want the certificate to be exchanged only by the person whose name is mentioned on the certificate, indicate “non-transferable” on the certificate.
  • Certificate Expiration: It may not be legal in your state / country. Check your legal regulations or a lawyer for this. If this is legal, you may want to include a certificate expiration date, to avoid having certificates at the shelter for years. One year from now is a good fault. “Expiration date: 2012-03-17”.

You now know what are the important elements to find for writing a gift certificate. So, use your gift card template and shuffle the different items until you are satisfied with the result!

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