How to Get a Bigger Penis and Not Spend a Penny


Have you ever wondered how to get a bigger penis? As a guy, you know that size matters. Because having a bigger penis gives every man more confidence and self-esteem. We are also aware that most women would choose larger than small (if given the option). And if you are poorly endowed by nature, the question of how to get a bigger penis can be vitally important.

Regardless of the speech, one of the main ways that a man defines himself is to assign him a sexual organ. Its size, shape, whether straight or curved, left or right, up or down. Logically, this may seem pretty prehistoric, but it's like that. As the biological function of a man is to reproduce, it is necessary to have a sexual organ that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Not surprisingly, throughout history and regardless of the society in which they lived, men have always wanted to discover how to enlarge his penis and more, this quest has become a dominant goal for many d & rsquo; Men today, especially because pornography is ubiquitous nowadays and that it triggers a comparison of penis size.

There is such a demand that it is not surprising that the market responds with a huge offer in terms of penis growth, all supposed to be meant to help us get a bigger penis . Internet is full of offers for

  • pills
  • creams
  • extension bars (called medical devices)
  • pumps
  • implants
  • stretching and suspension devices
  • surgical techniques

] and others other. No wonder it makes you dizzy. You are faced with the challenge of knowing which of these offers are seriously effective for penis enlargement and which are just scams and scams or worse, downright dangerous for little Joe and your health.

Fortunately, you do not depend on the industry, nor do you have to spend a dime to gain size. How to get a bigger penis is not a fashion of our time alone and it's a safe bet that since the creation of Kama Sutra (about 2000 years ago), the generations of men have had the time to develop and test effective penis enhancement exercises and enlargement techniques that worked wonders at the time and still work today.

These tried and true, simple and effective exercises and techniques have been passed on to us, and if you are ready to commit to teaching them yourself, you will develop your bigger penis without having to spend a cent

The Principles of Basic operation of these exercises are quite simple. You train your penis to hold more blood and therefore its size will be larger. There are basically three different exercises:


Jelqing, sometimes called penile trimming, is a technique that injects blood into it, holds it there, then introduces more blood, causing the penis needs to be enlarged to a size larger than the one it had originally been.


The stretching exercises are focused on length. With regular exercises, you can stretch your penis because the skin and tissues are not very different from those of other parts of the body. The reservoir of penis stretching exercises consists of a combination of stretching, swirling and slapping.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises involve contracting the muscle of your PC (pubococcygeus). You can identify this muscle when you stop your urinary flow. Exercising this muscle will give your penis a stronger, more muscular appearance and help you control orgasms and ejaculations.

If you are determined to get a bigger penis, enlarge it naturally with exercises. It's healthy and safe (when it's done well), easy to learn, the results are permanent, and it does not cost you a dime.


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