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A good way to get pregnant is to have an arbitration on a certain day or certain days of the month. Healthy women during their menstrual cycle produce an egg when they ovulate. If the egg has a chance of being fertilized by sperm, the woman can conceive or get pregnant. Thus, getting pregnant is directly related to the fertilization of the eggs when the woman ovulates and the egg is produced. So, this tells you that it's very important to know when a woman is ovulating and having sex on those days of the month.

Determining Your Period Of Ovulation

Knowing your ovulation period will help you become pregnant. The ovulation period of a woman involves determining when her next period is due. Counting back from 12 to 16 days of your period would give you an approximate indication of the days you would have ovulated. Another way to discover the days of a woman's ovulation is that the period between ovulation and the first day of a woman's menstrual cycle is 14 days.

Another way to get pregnant is to have sex a few days before ovulation. Fresh sperm will have the chance to fertilize the newly released egg. It's a holistic approach for anyone who has problems having a baby. Unlike conventional treatments that suggest assisted procreation procedures without really trying to figure out what's wrong, a holistic approach goes deep to find the real cause. Once this is known the best treatments include acupuncture, herbs, Chinese medicine, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. The holistic method works much better to help infertile couples get pregnant.


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