How to Get Rid of Sleep Lines


So you forgot to sleep on your back. Or maybe you simply can not sleep on your back. Maybe you can only sleep a good night on your stomach. Maybe you wear a CPAP mask. Whatever the reason, you now have a tattoo leaf drawing on your not-so-pink cheeks. The pillow was not your friend and you now look like an ultimate fighter with facial scars. And you have a meeting in an hour.

What to do? Wear a full face mask during the night? Sew tennis balls in the sides of your jammies? Fill the crumpled canyons with pancake makeup? Too late for these extreme stages? Take out Botox? Overkill.

Try the next three steps the next time you look in the mirror in the morning and see the dreaded skin folds. Hit you. Yes, we have all tried. And it works. Get some stimulation. Follow a small session of cheek snapping alternating slaps of hot water and cold water. Go with the cold first. I found that facial muscles were tame and icy. Then, when the hot water hits, something about the release of blood in the areas where she just retired gives momentum to the crevice.

Rewrite the folds. Now go one by one and reverse the fold of the main offenders. You may not be able to do this for all the small footprints, but there will be some major linear bumps, visible in a meeting room. Pinch the skin around them and bend the opposite direction. Do it gently, if you pinch too hard, the capillaries below may burst. The lines will not disappear immediately, but you have redistributed the fleshy fluids away from the fold.

3. Apply a deep moisturizer. Moisturizers lubricate the skin and fill the spaces in the cells of the skin. Use a water-based product. These tend to absorb faster. A good moisturizer will trap water in the outer layer of the skin of your face.

Sometimes I do these steps twice bad times. The lines will not go away immediately, but I noticed that they disappeared in a few minutes. So use this routine the next time you face the wrong bed and start the day with confidence, with a nice glow on your face to start.


Source by Richard W Grant

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