How to Get That Perfect Day SPA Treatment Look – Beauty Tips For Working Women


Let's be honest. Being one of the many career women of the world, we are very busy people. Working women not only have to go to the office, manage the business and all the household responsibilities that follow. All this leaves women who work very little time to take care of them apart from the usual, neat and attractive looks that she prepares for work. What these workers require is to take one day a week and set aside time to beautify them. Take a Sunday, when everyone has a vacation, and leave it exclusively for you! Rest, relax and beautify yourself and see what difference it will make tomorrow. You will feel and look more beautiful and attractive, lighter and brighter in the body, mind and spirit. This day of beauty care is intended not only to beautify you, but it is also a youthful experience that gives you health and that extends. On this day be so lazy & # 39; If possible, stay in bed as long as you want and relax.

Take a light meal that day to give your overworked digestive system a break. Here is a small sample of what a Sunday diet can contain.

* A glass of orange juice
* Milk cornflakes
* Tea or coffee

* A cup of skim milk with 1 biscuit (You can replace milk with tea or coffee)

* Steamed Fish or Chicken
* A Green or Yellow Vegetable
* A Vegetable Salad
* Choice Fruit

* Tea, coffee, milk or soft drink with 1 biscuit

* Soup
* Sheep stew
* Bread
* Fruit

* A cup of skim milk with honey

After breakfast, rest a bit, then go to the bathroom for pampering. Hair, nails, face and everything you wanted to do during the week you put off. Doing these treatments regularly will keep your look neat and glamorous in top form.

Now it's time for bubble bath. Take candles and have fun with your favorite relaxing songs. Then fill the tub with lukewarm water, add a touch of your favorite sent, relax and enjoy. Try to keep your mind empty and think absolutely nothing for 10 minutes, or at least try to think of happy things. Now that you are well and relaxed and dry, pay attention to your face and give yourself a facial.

After all is over, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Now you can have your lunch and go relax a bit more. Do not walk, do not jab, do not work and for the next six days you will be a beautiful and changed person! So next time someone asks you "Where did you get your spa treatment?" & # 39; – You can say, & # 39; at home! & # 39;

Regarding your skin, wash your face both mornings at night. Since you are one of the women working in the world, your skin takes on more dust and dirt than women who stay at home.

Even if you're tired after a long day of work, do not jump into your bed without removing all traces of your makeup, otherwise your pores will become clogged. When preparing for the make-up for the office, use only a dusting of powder foundation, mascara, a light blush and a soft portion of lipstick. But always get ready with a makeup kit in case you need to get up before leaving for the house. You never know what plans can come up!

Also pay close attention to your personal cleanliness and hygiene. This is of the utmost importance. Not only is it healthy for you, but it will keep you busy all day. You worry if you have "to be the last to think about the busy career of women of the 21st century."


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