How to Give Your Girl a Body Shaking Orgasm


We would all be able to give any woman an orgasm that shakes the body, but most men are very far from being able to do that. Men simply have not learned the skills they need to please a woman. Fortunately, these skills are easy to understand and you could soon turn into the best lover she has ever had. Read on to find out how.

The Basics

The most important thing that a man can do when trying to give his girl that elusive orgasm is to make sure that there are a lot of foreplay. There is simply no need to avoid this, the preliminaries are vital because it takes longer than the men to get in the mood and if you rush, she will not wake up mentally nor physically and will certainly not enjoy sex. [19659002] Oral Pleasures

Now that she's starting to get hot, it's time to start doing some fellatio. Take it slowly and increase the sexual tension by teasing it. Tell her what you are going to go and where you will kiss her and then lick her. That will make her wild. It will not be long before she reaches her first orgasm if you keep high blood pressure.

The Final Stage

The last step in giving your girl a body that shakes orgasm is complete penetration. After you have given her a clitoral orgasm with your oral technique, you can switch to penetrating sex and it will be much easier to make her orgasm if she has already had one. This is because her body will be in a state of heightened excitement and it will not take long to give her another orgasm by making love in her favorite positions.


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