How to grow mushrooms from old mushroom strains


Usually, when it comes to growing mushrooms, the most important thing you need to start is the mushroom itself – that's what mushrooms grow, so it's an essential ingredient. Without it, it would be like trying to grow an apple tree without the apple seed – it will never work. Usually, the fungus is created by a mycologist and normally consists of a kind of grain impregnated with mycelium (the mycelium is what fungi come from).

You can create your own mushroom in many ways, but what most people do not realize is that you can actually grow your own mushrooms from old stem ends, which allows you to to reuse old mushrooms and start your own mushroom growing cycle.

cut a small section of the tip of the mushroom stem, no bigger than an inch long. It is important to try to use the bottom of the stem, with the bulbous part of the stem intact (this part is usually removed before preparation of the mushroom for cooking and for packing before d & rsquo; Be sold in stores). However, if you have already grown some of your own mushrooms from some sort of spawn, you will have no problem getting the most healthy stem tip variety. You can always try to use the store-bought mushroom stalk, but you may not succeed as well.

It is important to point out that not all mushrooms have this ability to grow, and there are few varieties known to be able to reappear from their stems. These include oyster mushrooms (Pleutrous Ostreatus), Parasol mushrooms, morels, a prince, and many more.

All you need to do is remove a section of the rod butts, and get some corrugated cardboard. Dip the cardboard and try to peel it in half so that the paper is as thin as possible. Then put the cardboard on a surface and place a little butt on the top. Try and leave around 6 inches of cardboard per butt rod. Cover the stems with the rest of the corrugated cardboard, then re-soak for a few minutes. Place the folded pieces of cardboard in an old box – cardboard, wood or anything else that will keep the box wet, then place it in a shady position in your garden before covering it with leaves.

What will happen is that the mycelium will start to grow through the pieces of cardboard, from the stumps, using the cardboard materials as food (the mushrooms grow naturally on the wood and the cardboard is therefore ideal to use and easier to break). After a few months you will have your own cardboard spawn, and you will be able to use it to grow mushrooms on more cardboard, or you can mix this cardboard spawn with straw, create an outdoor bed or mushroom or try to transfer the spawn to other substrates.


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