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I just shot my daughter at her best friend's house for two nights. She is super excited and I think: will they be on the screen all day? Will they do exercise? At what time will they stay up? And then I shake myself and say " Punch out, Kristen " The summer holidays and the kids are older now … and if they spend half of the day on the screens, eat too much junk or anything? They are self-sufficient and do not need every minute of their day scheduled for them. I have to embrace my new independence and let them become children loose for a while, as I was back in the day. And these are the good old days – and they have estimated so much a long time! I remember sitting in a field for hours putting gold buttons under my nose to see if I liked butter or whistling through a strand of hair. grass. I remember cycling around the circle in front of my house with friends, playing cops and robbers. I remember hot days by the pool, diving for money in the deep end. A true endless summer.

I want my children to enjoy the same slower pace of my childhood and not be busy with things to do all the time. I want them to know the feeling of lazy summer days with no special agenda. I also want to take a break to try to be the perfect mom, always prepare healthy snacks, organize fun activities and organize different outings. So, how am I (and you) doing it? Read on to find out how to have an old school summer.

What they feed on and water . And if it is not organic or farm fresh. Let them stuff themselves with fish crackers and make their own lemonade powder, bought in store.

Say yes to a one day movie or a TV marathon . We have all done it before and it is good to relax a few days. It does not kill them for having a full day inside with the usual movie snacks like popcorn, chips and gelatin worms.

Release them in the wild for the day . No agenda, no plans, just a whole day to go out and be kids. They can know what to do – build a rail for their scooters, organize a talent show, help a neighbor and more.

That they are the hosts of a change . Have your kids invite friends for a summer picnic or a pajama party in the backyard. Keep it casual and let them plan the details. They can make PB & J sandwiches, lemonade (the shit stuff you've had), popcorn and open a watermelon for a day. Or make it a camping experience in the evening where they can pitch a big tent in the yard and set up a bigger resort.

Send them to their family or friends . Put them on a plane and send them to their cousins ​​for a week or let them sleep several days at a friend's house. It's a great freedom experience for them and for you!


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