How to hire a house repairer


Your dishwasher is leaking, or maybe your refrigerator is buzzing or your oven is overheating. You need help, but you do not know who to call. Navigating the world of repairers can be risky. From inexperienced to overpriced, it is difficult to find reliable and quality service at a fair price, even affordable. Where do you start?

Well, a good first step is always to ask friends, family, neighbors and collections to be referred. This tactic also works well to eliminate bad seeds, because people will tell you just as eagerly as not to hire. If you get the same recommendation from at least two reliable sources, you know you're pretty good at doing it.

Do not hire anyone based on a discount flyer or advertisement. A repairer who publishes by these methods may try to compensate for the fact that they do not get a lot of regular customers. And this is not a good sign. Other points to consider with caution are the messages on Craigslist, on the supermarket bulletin boards, and in the classifieds section. Again, if a do-it-yourselfer needs a lot more than word-of-mouth to fill his days, then he is probably inexperienced, unreliable, too expensive or not very good.

Instead of a personal reference from someone you know, go on the Internet and do some research. Community review sites such as Yelp and CitySearch are fantastic tools that help you identify potential service providers and obtain first-hand accounts from their clients.

Another website,, is currently partnering with HGTV to provide people with a deep well of home resources from which to draw. The creators of Kudzu explain it for you: "Our site conveniently connects neighbors so that they can help each other make important and important decisions for their home."

If, for any reason, you can not ask friends or search the web, you can still use proven methods to contact the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce. Ask them for a list of reliable repairers and you should be fixed.

In any of these cases, to double your search, you can also ask the potential employer to provide you with a list of client references and do your own due diligence by contacting yourself previous customers. However, there is a good chance that the service provider will only give you the name and number of customers he knows they are satisfied with.

In addition to the positive references, there are some other panels to watch while examining your possibilities. Make sure the repairer is approved and insured by the appropriate agencies. This gives you not only insurance, but also a way to remedy and relieve things if things go very badly. In addition, get a written estimate for the necessary repairs. Again, it's good on two fronts. First, it helps you know what you are financially. Secondly, this indicates a level of professionalism on the part of the service provider.

At the end of the day, any handyman worthy of the name will have a good reputation in the community. He knows that's his bread and butter, and he will do his best to keep it intact. Do not be intimidated or harassed by anyone. If a repairer tries either, send them packing and find someone else.


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