How to Impress a Beautiful Woman – Easy Way to Make Her Weak


Guys, there are literally thousands of ways to impress a woman. We must take into account that every woman is unique and will look for certain characteristics in men. Nevertheless, there are UNIVERSAL ways to impress women

This even appeared to me very obvious after spending so much time in the world of seduction.

So, if you are ready to make women weak on their knees, read on.

How to Impress a Beautiful Woman

Say "No"

The majority of men slap women with gifts and compliments. This really programs sexy women to think that they can get everything they want.

Imagine how powerful a message you would send if you were the only man who said NO to something that she wanted!

When you meet a woman in a bar, the usual custom is to buy her a drink. That's how it's always been done, so it must be the right way to succeed, is not it?


Instead, how about asking him to drink?

Do not be shy. Be bold and authoritarian. Do you really think she will remember the other 10 guys who bought her drinks all night, or the one who made her buy a drink?

This will arouse in her a sense of curiosity. She will think, "Who does this guy think he is? Maybe it's worth knowing a little about him … "and you two go into a conversation that can (assuming you have skills) easily lead to his number. Maybe even more if you both feel it.

Bottom line: Stand out of all the other CHUMPS.


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