How to Keep Romance Alive in Marriage – Twenty Ways to Keep the Fire Burning Forever


It is believed that marriage and romance do not usually go together since marriage is a revelation while love is blind. But this is not true at all. You can be married and still be romancing your spouse. So, how to keep the romance bubbling in the wedding?

Well here are some tips to keep this flame active even after the wedding and keep it on for a long time to come.

1. Do not Nag

Nothing kills marriage and love as much as harassment. Constant harassing can be really detrimental to your marriage and romance in the marriage. Nagging creates spaces, it makes one feel on the other that everything they do is not appreciated and since then begin to look for excuses to spend time away from home. So stop harassing immediately.

2. Be Yourself

No matter what happens, never change yourself. Your spouse has fallen in love with you since you were not the person you are trying to become and do not try to change your spouse either. All the pleasure of being together is that you are both different so enjoy and celebrate these differences and see how your married life becomes romantic.

3. Keep Your Individuality

Remember that you were Ms so-and-so or so before getting married. Do not let the marriage make you too dependent on your spouse. Go out and do things for yourself. From time to time, it is necessary to have girls or boys at night, minus your spouse. So go out with friends and give yourself some time.

4. Do not be worried

Limit your insecurities as they are harmful to your marriage. You have to trust your partner when they go out with their friends. And even if, for some reason, you are not sure, do not make your insecurities heard by your partner, as this can lead to bitter fighting.


Before hearing these words from your spouse's mouth, it is best that you give them their freedom and space to breathe. It's not because you're married that you have to spend every minute together. You can do your own thing when he watches a match or when he is visiting a living room. Giving yourself space in a relationship will only strengthen the relationship.

6. Set the appointment nights

Remember how you went to appointments before the wedding. Do it again now. Call your spouse in the office and ask them to be ready. Choose the preferred restaurant make a reservation in advance and enjoy your appointment with your spouse and lovers.

7. Planning a Weekend Getaway

Tensions in the office, housework and kids leave no time for couples. So make your kids to their grandparents or friends who will not be bothered to have kids for the weekend and escape from all the hustle and bustle of city life. You can return the favor by paying attention to their children when your friends plan their weekend getaway.

8. Dine together

Regardless of whether you are busy at the office, be sure to come home for dinner and have it together. There is something intimate about dining together and if you have candles all the more romantic.

9. Do Little Things

In order to keep the novelist in full swing, you need little things like leaving love notes where they are readily available, doing the dishes to give your spouse time to relax. If your spouse is busy with cooking or with children, you can help them by doing the bed and so on, you can find little things to satisfy your love and keep that love alive.

10. Surprise your spouse with romantic gestures

Although gifts are always welcome for a special occasion, the purchase of impromptu gifts for your spouse adds bonus points in your novelist and your spouse remembers that they are really special to you.

11. Take care of yourself and your marriage

Once the marriage is a few years old, people stop caring for themselves and the family. wedding. It is easy enough to break free from yourself and get married as you find yourself in the daily grind of earning money, coping with family tensions and more. However, you must remember that if you do not take care of yourself and your marriage, he will die slowly. So take care of yourself for the sake of your marriage.

12. Communication Is The Key

Communication is very important in any relationship and it becomes imperative in marriage because no one is a reader of any kind. 39; mind. So, if you want something to ask and talk to each other about your needs, desires, fantasies and everything and anything under the sun to keep the love and romance alive in the wedding.

13. Listening is an art

If communication is a key then listening is an art. Yes, that's it. So listen when your spouse speaks to you. Pay attention to the little things that your spouse says they like or that they would like for themselves and buy them as a gift for them and see how your meter meter floats and keeps up there until the end of time.

14. Handmade Cards or Letters

Cards are a good way to make your spouse feel special but imagine their surprise when they know that you have made this card for them or that you took the time to write a letter of love for them. So make an effort from time to time and see their smiles.

15. Massages

More sensual massages or massages are a sure way to keep the fire going. So give your spouse a foot, neck and back massage or even a full body massage and see the results yourself.

16. Pamper Your Husband

Pamper your husband by doing chores from time to time. As husbands can do dinner dishes or take trash or something like that that gives your spouse a little time to relax. If you are comfortable, brides can clean the car for their husbands so that they can have more time in bed. All you can do is to pamper your spouse and make them feel special.

17. Embrace yourself often

Yes, to keep romance alive, you must kiss often. In fact, the philosophy of touch is very important to keep the flames of romance burning in the marriage. So, make sure to kiss hello, good night, when any of you leave the house for the office or for any other work. When your spouse comes out of their office after a tired day, greet them with a big smile and a warm hug.

18. Remembering Specials

Whatever you do in your busy schedule, do not forget those special days of your life. The first few times are always special and if you make an effort to remember them, your spouse will feel special and the romance will be alive for many years to come. So make an effort to remember the first time you met, you kissed, you made love, or even you saw each other and for the moment to be more memorable, go out and celebrate.

19. Tell me that I like you because

There could be and there are different reasons why you love your spouse but you often do said. So say I love you because you are such a caring woman, I love you because even after so many years you always make me smile. Never stop saying I like you; it's an excellent relationship binder and a romance-building mantra.

20. Stay Connected

The reason that romance goes off in a wedding is that couples forget how to stay in touch with each other. It can involve impromptu caresses, accidental touching as if you were taking something from the tablet to take it – the proximity will definitely affect your spouse (this touches me – the smell of his cologne, his breath on my body makes my heart beat faster) and they will warn you to go back and come into your arms. How romantic is it? Very romantic I would say.

Use these tips to keep the romance alive.


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