How to Keep Your Sex Life Alive – Ten Ways to an Active Sex Life


You have been married for a long time, you have well-behaved children, and you have a hectic and fulfilling social life that is the envy of your friends and neighbors. But the reality is that this routine routed life bores your feet and you feel that your sex life is dying so slowly under this security of sedentary life. So what are you doing to keep it active and alive?

Like everything else in your life, you must work on your sex life so that it stays active and alive for many years to come. The fact is that when you get older, you tend to get tired easily and tired bodies can not have a great sex life. Here are some tips to increase your stamina so that you can lead a healthy, fulfilling and active sex life.

1. Do not be complacent

Once the relationship is a few years old and the partners can finish their sentences, they tend to become complacent about their life in general and their sex life in particular. So, strive for more and let go of that complacency and be more proactive in matters of intimacy with your partner. Do not take for granted.

2. Keep fit and healthy

Busy schedules, family demands, and other daily problems leave you without a facility to have an active sex life. So boost your stamina with regular exercise. This can range from a thirty minute walk to yoga or aerobics. Choose what suits you best and you can go there. You can also participate in a dance class if you are interested in dancing. In fact, this can be a great way to reconnect with your spouse. You can join salsa classes – salsa is a romantic dance that will help you stay active in many ways.

3. Eat and Drink Healthy

Regardless of the demands of the family, your housekeeping duty is to ensure that everyone, including you, eat and drink well for a healthy diet. healthy body and mind. So make sure you have more fruits in your diet. Not only will it add fiber to your diet, but it will also help you keep that skin looking younger for a long time to keep you attractive. Avoid sugary drinks for a body and alert mind. Active sex requires stamina and a great body so eat well to maintain a body that can match the desires of your heart.

4. Do not neglect yourself

Whatever you do, do not take the habit of neglecting yourself. Nobody likes to be intimate with a man with a potbelly or a woman with hair. So simply because you have been married for a long time does not mean that you can avoid this visit to the salon for your regular beauty treatment. Indulge yourself so that you attract your partner for a long time.

5. Prepare to Work

Marriage and sex must be constantly worked. You may regret the fact that earlier sex was automatic, but now you have to turn each other. There could be many things on your mind and your partner since you focus on your sex life. Let the love notes here and there enjoying your spouse so that the romance is still there in the air. Remember for a good sex life, you have to work on it.

6. Connect as a couple

How long have you been dating as a couple? Do the things you both liked rather than doing what your family likes or what you love exclusively? Take the time for yourself as a couple. Do you talk to each other as friends, turn on each other like lovers and go to the rendezvous, take a hot shower or play a game. Do what you want to do that connects you as a couple and then see your sex life explode.

7. Wearing sexy lingerie

Ok! This one is for women. Ladies, just because you're a mom does not mean you have to wear those boring lingerie. Go out and buy real sexy lingerie. Not only will it make you feel good about yourself, but it will also help boost your man's libido. So go out and buy lace, net, transparent lingerie for a rock night with your man.

8. Share your fantasies

Now that you've been married for a long time, you can certainly get rid of your inhibitions and talk about your secret fantasies with your spouse. Talk in detail about your expectations and ask them about their fantasies.

9. Do not sleep on a tiff or anger

It's normal to have a tiff with your partner outside the room or even in the bedroom and you are really angry to take the first step to apologize. But remember that sleeping on a tiff or anger can be dangerous for your relationship. So make a point to find a solution before you sleep together. Tell us what you thought was wrong and try to stop it. If you sleep on it, there is a good chance that it will be taken care of the next day and that there will be distinctions between you and your spouse rather than with the closeness you both sought. .

10. Keep Your Identity

There is no doubt that you must connect as a couple for an active sex life, but at the same time you must realize that a certain space in the relationship is also important. You are not just Mrs. So-and-so or so and so-and-so. You are an individual before becoming a husband or wife, so remember that and do not give up that identity. Spouses who retain their identity have confidence in themselves and are attractive to their better half.

These are just a few ways to keep your sex life in full swing. However, you know what works best for you and your spouse to keep your sex life alive. So practice this and you will never be bored again.


Source by Swati Nitin Gupta

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