How to Kiss a Beautiful Woman


If you've seen the movie Hitch, I'm sure you'll know that many women are thinking about the future of their relationship based on their first kiss. So, providing that first perfect kiss can be a challenge for all men out there. That's why this article will teach you how to kiss a beautiful woman.

• Create tension. You may be waiting and tingling to plant that kiss on the woman. But try and be patient for a bit. Get close to her but wait a bit before asking one. This makes a huge impact for the kiss. You could wait a few dates, then kiss or kiss the first date. But this little tension you create creates the most amazing kiss.

• Then the next part is to kiss a beautiful woman using your eyes. But I do not really say that in the literal sense. If you keep your eyes open while kissing the woman will become very irritated. If you pay attention to the woman you kiss, she will feel good. It will make her feel beautiful too.

• Now the next point is to respond to his movements. If she asserts herself, you also become assertive. The aggression that you will show will surely be appreciated. So make sure that whatever she does, you respond in the same way.

• The next part is to use the whole body. The mouth is not the only part of the body that is available to kiss. Stroke her face or hold her firmly with your arms. But make sure then that you are respectful enough.

• You can also try new, improved positions to kiss a beautiful woman. The same old pose is pretty boring. If you try new things like kissing it from the back or upside down and so on. It'll keep things spicy. You can also try to kiss him in the back, neck or palms, etc.


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