How to Know an Acne Product That Suits My Skin Type


I am a young mother who lives a simple life because my job is a family base. So I do not have to look awesome and make up, even though I was very happy with my work and months since I started working on a online site but that something has started in others, acne breakouts and pimples started to appear on my face and sometimes on my back … so I started looking for a product against acne that would allow me to eliminate them, because it itches sometimes and makes me suffer in addition to stressing me more than my job.

So I search on the net a reputable product against acne that promises to take effect a week or several days because it is notorious that the product against acne is not a treatment magic that treats your acne during the night, because each treatment requires time. show its effectiveness. I wish to share some of the research that I have done …

Are you using a product against acne that does not work? Maybe because you did not know what you are using! You will find below information to make your acne treatment effective

. Here's how to avoid and look for the anti-acne product that matches your skin type:

1. Granular soap too abrasive for people suffering from acne.
2. Aloe Vera, the best moisturizer of all skin types.
3. Tea tree oil contains natural antifungal / antiseptic properties.
4. Look for a soap or solution with a pH of 4.2 to 5.6.
5. Glycerin is found in all the expensive moisturizers on the market because it is known to moisten both the inside and the outside.
6. It has been proven that eucalyptus oil very effectively fights bacteria, fungi and viruses responsible for infections.

Acne should be treated accordingly. Thus, the anti-acne product may have some side effects, consult your dermatologist so that he can prescribe a more appropriate anti-acne product.

The types of acne products are primarily intended to reduce the production of sebum (skin oil), imbalances within our body can cause our sebum glands to produce more oil which is a cause current acne, to prevent the formation of pimples or acne. a must to keep our skin oil free because when it is oily, the dust is more attracted to our face and directly clogs the pores that allow the bacteria to accumulate. Untreated acne can lead to facial scars.

Here is a short information on home remedies for the product against acne that treats and is inexpensive to support your acne treatment:

A coconut oil YES !!! The coconut oil helps rejuvenate and detoxify the skin by opening the pores, releasing and cleaning the skin of all types of toxins stored for years … I've been using it since less than 2 weeks and it works for me.

This should also require 1 tablespoon for 3 days and increase slowly up to 3 times 4 times a day, increase fruit consumption, reduce meat consumption, drink water in quantity sufficient and regularly exercise to improve the detoxification process. your use of coconut oil on acne skin areas effectively.

Although we, women, are more likely to be exposed to stress, the appearance of acne is inevitable, but thanks to technology, we now have a more advanced acne product than our problems of the most difficult skin.

Laser treatments are mainly acne products that heal our acne scars and eliminate them perfectly, but it takes extra money to disclose this reality, but we can still use home remedies because acne treatments have no limit as long as they help our skin. to stay flawless and vibrant can it be produced over-the-counter or against acne home.

I hope you like what I share! Have a good reading


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