How to Know If She’s Interested: Sexual Body Language and Non Verbal Cues She WANTS You to Notice


Ask JfM: How often do women play hard? How can I tell if a woman who seems disinterested … is really interested in sex? And to what extent does body language play a role in determining what she's really trying to say, especially when she says NO thing? In this article, let's take a quick and easy look at some simple signs that she MAY try to let you know that she is interested in a more intimate relationship … which will allow you to know when to make your move.

why is body language so important when it comes to women, sex and nonverbal communication?

We write and talk a lot about body language, and even subliminal conversational cues, because that is perhaps the greatest interest. , especially in the early stages of a relationship.

After all … there are very few women going out and saying – hey you – here … I'm INTERESTED, so make your move

Instead, what they really do, that is say all the above with mannerisms and movements and movements … and offer the kind of sexy subliminal signs that most men miss. Some really simple signs that a woman is putting the mood back "I'm interested"

When a relationship matures a bit … it can be MUCH important, of course, but in the early stages … that's can be ALL the sign you have!

Let's look at some super simple but universal signs:

Erotic Eye contact. As we have covered in other articles … it can go one way or the other. (she does and maintains a direct line of sight with you, or she looks coquettish or erased, both are simple and erased signs of romantic interest that say the same thing)

The "Cleavage Fate" "Tip: It's very funny … and although we've been making fun of it in the past, a lot of our favorite readers (and writers!) Admittedly it was true.How often did you see a woman leave for a few minutes at the break room during a conversation … and come back with a button less than she left .. : -)

It happens – it's very effective, it's It's not an accident and that means that she wants to get to know you better.

There are many others too – the spinning hair, the subtle tips of the toes are another very common (and controversial) but considered by the specialists of the relationship MOS It's like a sexy and subconscious sign that she's flirting … even though she does not recognize that she's doing it.

Important: Is she very sensitive? The more a woman touches you … the more likely she is to let you know that she loves MORE than what her words can reveal. For example, a woman who feels the need to reach and touch your forearm without good reason … and who does it MORE than once, literally begs you to notice it, and show interest reciprocally … or make your big move

The truth is that most people who specialize in gender and our often complicated, intricate and complicated ways of communicating all kinds of emotions between us, will tell you that What a woman DOES NOT say is often much deeper than what she does. (especially before going to bed for the very first time, and she does not want to reveal too much … until she reveals everything!)


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