How to Make a Woman Orgasm With Your Fingers – Here Are Some Incredible Tips You Shouldn’t Miss


There are many tips for getting a female orgasm, but using your fingers is one of the most common methods. However, few people know how to please their wives using their fingers. Therefore, this article should help you give your wife explosive orgasms. Just follow the 5 tips below:

Tip # 1 – It's very important to make sure your nails are short and properly sized. This will prevent you from causing unnecessary damage to sensitive areas of the vagina.

Tip # 2 – Before attempting to touch your woman's vagina, you must give her a certain amount of foreplay. This is to turn it on so that it can be warm and ready for you. Some of the things you can do include kissing her passionately all over her body, stroking her breast with your hands, sucking her nipples and talking to her sexy.

Tip # 3 – her vagina will be very lubricated. You can slide your hands on her thigh and get as close as possible to the vagina without touching it. This will tease her a bit and make her want more and more. Tip # 4 – Use a pointer or index finger to gently rub his clitoris in different directions.

. This is important because you need the right pressure to really send it to mind with explosive orgasms. You can pay attention to the movements of your body to see what you like and keep doing it. This is located inside the vagina at about 1-2 inches on the upper walls. This varies from one woman to another, so you will have to go through trial and error to find the right place. It will be a rigid area similar to the upper palate of your oral cavity. Once you have found it, stimulate it in a back and forth motion when entering and exiting. Continue until you get an intense orgasm.

There are many methods to achieve a woman's orgasm. However, you must be patient at all times and make sure that your wife is really comfortable and that she enjoys the experience. Once she will enjoy, the orgasm will come.


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