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The prices of real estate in urban areas are known to be incredibly high. For the same price that could allow you a five bedroom home in a rural area, you may be able to get a one bedroom apartment in a city like New York or San Francisco. Due to this inevitable fact of real estate, many people who are thirsty for an urban life are forced to settle for living quarters that are … well … not … at all glamorous. Fortunately, interior design experts have compiled a list of gentle tricks for the designer of the townhouse. If you read carefully, you can turn your little closet of the city into a nice place to live!

1. Put the focus on the pretty, hide the ugly. It is important, when trying to work on a small space and in a small budget, to work with what you have. In other words, put the emphasis on the good things about the apartment and cover the less-than-beautiful elements. For example, if the paint comes off the molding or walls in some places, cover them. You can paint on hard spots, or hang things like posters, tapestries or other works of art to decorate the peel. If your apartment has other adverse features, such as old linoleum tiles or stains on the floor or ceiling caused by water damage, try to strategically place furniture or carpets on the damaged areas . In addition, do not forget to highlight the good features of the space. If there are hooks to hang pans in the kitchen, then use them. If there are built-in shelves, or a refrigerator, tub, or old stove, then let these elements shine in an unobstructed room.

2. Use the light to your advantage. If you have a small place in an urban area, your access to natural light has a chance to be limited. Large buildings often block windows in nearby buildings. Also, the rooms in the small apartments are small (duh!) So they often only have one small window if any. That being said, use the natural light that you have access to make your apartment more spacious and lighter. Make sure to arrange the furniture in the rooms so that they block as little natural light as possible. Also, be aware of where the light hits the walls and place bright, colorful objects to maximize light reflection.

3. Create a stylish storage space. One of the biggest problems of a small urban apartment? Not enough storage space! If you have a lot of clothes to hang and a minimum of storage space, then it's time to get creative in the way you store your wardrobe. Keep storage space for thicker items, such as heavy winter coats, and for the rest, get metal, heavy duty clothes hangers and hang your belongings at the same time. outdoors! This idea is especially good for colorful and interesting clothes, such as fun blazers, dresses and flannel shirts. This will solve the problem of storage space and will also add its own fashionable aesthetics to a room.

With these simple but effective tips, you can make the most of your small living space in town. This way you will enjoy all the excitement of your life in this big and bad city, and you will always feel like coming back every night in your cozy little house.


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