How to plan a basement design


The first thing to consider when planning a functional basement for your home is to think of a good basement concept. A design plan will guide you in the right direction while updating your ideas. The challenge is how to create a good basement design. What makes a good design? What research needs to be done?

First, you need to focus on natural light. Find all ways to add a link to the outside. If your home has exit trails, ask your contractor if the construction will support new French slides or doors. You can then focus on artificial lighting to further brighten or add drama to the space. You should strategically position artificial lighting where you need it most, such as in the corners of the room. You have a lot of options here. You can include recessed lighting fixtures, wall sconces and hanging fixtures to maximize space.

Next, try to incorporate a basement design that will accompany the rest of your home to develop a smooth transition. For example, you could use the same color scheme in your basement with the one that dominates your entire home. Use similar materials such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, hinges, etc.

Let's talk about flooring. You must design wisely here. If you find yourself in an area where floods typically occur or are likely to occur (such as areas near the sea), you should consider a type of flooring that is easy to maintain and repair in case of damage. flood. [19659002] Now what other accessories and accents should you use? Add personality to the space by having an accent wall of a color that stands out from the rest. Paint vertical lines on a wall or on all walls if you want to visually add height to a low ceiling basement.

The final consideration for basement design is the overall function of your basement. Do not specialize too much: if there is a possibility that you are selling your home in the near future, consider the preferences of others. Make sure that any custom feature you have used can be easily reused or rebuilt for other means.


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