How to prepare your home for Windows replacement


If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have decided to have your Windows replaced, or at least. Good choice! Your home will look great and you will feel comfortable with your new window installed, and you will even save money on your energy bills if you have chosen to replace your old windows with energy efficient models . Here are some tips to make sure that the installation process runs smoothly.

Clear windows. Remove all curtains, blinds and other window treatments, and check your garden for plants or bushes that need to be moved away from windows. The replacement crew will need about two feet of space in front of each window, so go ahead and get ready this area. This will reduce the time it will take workers to install your Windows, which will save you money if you are charged at the hour.

Call security. Remove all Windows security sensors and turn off your security system. Contact your security company to inform them that you are installing new windows and that you will need to reconnect the alarms once the windows are installed.

Clear a path. Make sure workers have a clear path from their truck to the windows and enough space through the windows to bring their gear. Anything that could get their way should be far away, that it be as big as a sofa or as small as a carpet. Also, if you have pets, make sure that they are secured while the workers are present.

Cover. A good replacement window company will clean up a site after installation, but it does not hurt to take a few precautions in case. After all, old window frames are often very dirty. Cover your furniture and ask workers to bring a tarp or drop a cloth to protect the floor.

If you have done your homework and have chosen a good replacement window company, these tips should help the setup to move away without a problem. Enjoy your new window!


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