How To Prevent and Stop Matted Hair In the Nape of the Neck


Benefit from a hairdressing equipment specifically designed for wigs – A plastic or rubber comb may accumulate negative charges on the outer area and cause static in the hair. Make the most of a comb and a brush specially designed for wigs.

In cases where a plastic comb and brush are required, lightly spray the tools with an antistatic agent such as Static Guard® before styling them.

Remove Combs Wigs – A large number of wigs can be purchased with wig combs in the neck area. These are usually included for safety, however, many locks in the neck result in being trapped in attached combs.

Change your wig by getting rid of combs and working together with a wig or maybe adjustable tweezers

Hair spray free with water and softener – Synthetic wigs often suffer a loss of style and design whenever the strands produce static electricity and hang

The fabric softener is comprised of mixtures of ingredients that have a positive charge that usually results in a balance between the ions.

Synthetic hair does not contain genuine moisture comparable to natural hair, so it is for that reason that they are rather dry. The softener becomes a very effective conditioning agent and hassle free.

• Use a two part softener with two parts of cold water.

• Add water with softener in a spray bottle, then mix well.

• Svezz the wig with the concoction, then let the device dry completely in the air before styling it.

Paint or loosen your braids throughout the day – Longer braids tend to gather around the neck.

Scrub and unravel all the hair during the day to control the hair that accumulates in the troubled area.

Avoid high temperatures – Avoid subjecting your existing wig to extreme amounts of heat. Be careful around stoves, stoves or even barbecues.

The fibers of synthetic wigs will probably be completely destroyed simply because the heat will probably burn them.

And moreover, avoid excessive heat. sunlight, including a heated cleavage (excessive sweating).

Dress in Smooth, Soft Clothes – Stylish clothing and fabrics help hair move effortlessly and smoothly without static, friction or snags. Neck Zone – Mixing an additional weft at the lower section of the neck has the ability to weigh the hair down. In doing so, he will regulate unnecessary movements through the back.

Fully utilize an ordinary dryer sheet – Just rub a sheet of fabric along the neck section to eliminate static adhesion

Add light oil – Flip your hair head to moderately mix the oil in your strands.

The use of oil is often discouraged for artificial locks, but again, we learned that a light Moroccan oil or anti-moisture treatment of shea is extremely effective.

Detach the hair completely at the end of the day your hair style from each tangle before installing after the end of the day.

It is strongly suggested that your wig is not tied every night.

Preferably, in cases where you are unable to accomplish this, untangle your hair, pull the hair together in a clip or high bun and then simply sleep on a satin pillow.

Hairpins are incredibly useful – Finally, hairpins are incredibly beneficial!

This simple and easy method will definitely get rid of entanglement as well as carpet; Not to mention increasing the lifespan of your hair and your extensions.

• Lift the hair in the neck

• Spread half an inch across the lowest part of the neck

• Lift the separate part and pin it in loose hair

In addition to discouraging tangled hairs, this technique will really create volume with a slight bounce on your hairstyle.


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