How To Put On Makeup: 8 Essential Tips


Do you have trouble putting on makeup? Do you have trouble trying to look your best? Well, if you encounter these problems, you may need some advice? In this article we will share 8 helpful tips for you to be at your best every time.

Makeup Tip # 1: Cleanliness is essential to make sure your hands are clean. Dirty hands will contaminate your face with bacteria, dirt, oil or other debris. This will often lead to acne, especially in teenagers. Another benefit of having clean hands is that it will help you ensure that your makeup continues without any problem.

Tip # 2: Start with a primer to start with what's called a primer. As there are many types of primers, it is important to choose the one that will enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Some types of primer can be used to soften skin colors. While other types of primers can be used to treat your skin if it is dirty, oily or prone to acne. Whatever type of primer you decide to use, this will be the first thing you will apply on your skin. In addition to helping to correct minor skin problems, a good primer will also help your foundation stay healthy.

Tip # 3 on makeup: the quality of brushes. Although there are many brands of cheap makeup brushes, many do not wear makeup as well as a good quality brush. It is also essential that you regularly clean your makeup brushes. Do not be fooled by buying an expensive cleaning solution because shampoo or mild hand soap works just as well and costs much less. The signs that your brush needs to be cleaned, is when you notice that it does not seem to work as well as when you first bought it.

Makeup is natural light. The advantage of natural light is to show you what your makeup looks like on your skin. Different types of lighting can distort the appearance of your makeup. So, to get the real look of your makeup, make sure to apply it to natural light so that you can see what it really looks like.

Take good care of your skin. When your bare skin looks great, the makeup applied to the skin will do the same. Effective skin care can be as simple as washing it well at least twice a day, applying a moisturizer and applying good quality sunscreen if you go to the bathroom. outside for a while. The key point here is that the more your face appears before applying makeup, the better it will look with makeup.

Makeup Tip # 6: Lip Balm

gloss It's important to prepare your lips first using a lip balm. The lip balm is intended to protect your lips against chapped and chapped skin. A secondary role of lip balm is to behave as a primer for your lipstick or to keep it cooler. Eyeshadow to use, it is important to remember that you want colors that will highlight your eyes, does not match your natural eye color. For example, if your eyes are green, do not select a green eye shadow, but instead opt for a brown or black eye shadow color.

Tip for Makeup # 8: Keep It Real Some women make the mistake of thinking that the more makeup you can apply, the better you will do. In reality, when it comes to makeup, less is more. This means that putting too much makeup can make you even less attractive, or put it differently, using less makeup can give you better results than doing it. So, in case of doubt, always decide to use the minimum makeup needed to look attractive.

By applying these simple but effective tips on how to make up, you'll get much better results. want with a lot less effort and frustration.


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