How to replace a bulb correctly? Wisdom of home repair


I know what you think, everyone knows how to replace a light bulb. You must have some screws in your head, if you do not know how easy it is to replace a light bulb. However, it is not a question of replacing a bulb, but of replacing a bulb correctly.

I would like to talk about security first. Make sure there is no electricity, especially in the area where you will replace your damaged bulb. If you are replacing a light bulb, lamp or other light requiring bulbs, make sure they are unplugged.

If you are going to replace a light bulb inside a fixture attached directly to your home, make sure the light switch is off, before you start unscrewing the light. Old bulb and replace it with a new one. a.

Ok, come on, you did not tell us anything again. Everyone knows how to replace a light bulb. The parts that most people do not know about this process, is how many people are still electrocuted regularly, because they do not know how to properly replace a light bulb.

This article is not for everyone, it is for people who do not realize it, electricity can kill someone. If you replace a bulb with a wet hand or if you stand on a wet floor and the electrical device is not properly wired or is still on, you risk being electrocuted.

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