How to start a cost – effective routing service for home improvement


Reference services to home improvement begin from New York to California. They take the time to do the hard work to find reputable and reliable contractors and these companies take advantage of the good work.

It really does not take much to begin with. A reference service company for home improvement takes only a little money and no more time than a regular work of 40 hours per week. They can actually start earning money during the first year of activity.

The first thing to consider is what types of home improvement businesses you would refer to. This may include cleaning and replacing gutters, remodeling, additions to the building, fencing, lawn care and many others. Remember, anything you might like to paint a client may not like it or have time. Therefore, no business should be neglected.

Once you have an idea of ​​the types of entrepreneurs for your business reference service, you will need to call the local government offices, county and state. Get regulations and licensing, bonding, business register and insurance requirements for each type of contractor. This is the first step to building your list. Any contractor who does not comply with government regulations should not be on your reference list.

By knowing these requirements and using them, your referral business for home improvement will gain credibility from your customers. They will know that if the contractor does not meet these requirements, they will not appear on your list. This makes the client more secure that the job will be professionally completed and properly.

Another way to ensure the credibility of your business reference service is to only look at the entrepreneurs recommended by their past customers past. But this is not the end of the selection process. Recommendations are not enough.

Once a contractor is recommended to your referral business for home improvement, you need to check out his service. Talk to them, explain your reference service activities. Many entrepreneurs will provide you with the necessary information with pleasure. Ask to see their licenses, their bonding information and their assurances to make sure they are up to date and up to date. Ask for a list of the services they provide and the cost of these services. Finally, ask for references you can talk to.

Now you have started your list of contractor reference. While working on creating this list, you should have begun to think about a name for your reference service business, to advertise, to the office area, to office equipment and ordered a phone line for the # 39; company. You may want to use a computer right away, but an index card or a file system might work as well and for a fraction of the cost, until your business grows. Keep in mind that as your business grows, office space, office equipment and reference list system will need to be computerized to save time and money.

Since your referral business will start locally, check with local newspapers and periodicals to see if they would be interested in making an article about your business. Make leaflets and ask for local hardware stores if you can leave one to advertise your service. You can also send letters to real estate agents by advertising your business, they can be big advertisers for you.

Do your services for free to people who want to consult your business. Many home improvement companies charge the subcontractor 6% to 15% depending on the size of the project. You put the clients in contact with the contractor and, after the completion of the project, the contractor pays you a fee.

Notify that no contractor pays you to access your reference list. If clients or contractors ask how they get on the list, explain to them that the only way for a contractor to enter the list is that the customer recommends them. You may want to explain the whole screening process to allow the person to know the exact qualifications that contractors must have before being accepted.

A reference service company can grow easily and quickly. Once your business starts to grow, create a business plan to set goals. Decide how much you want to develop and consider starting franchises in other locations or expanding the list to include entrepreneurs who were not originally included. This is your reference service company for home improvement and you can take it wherever you want.


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