How to Start a Home Computer Repair Business


In this day and age of technology, skilled technicians in computer repair are still needed. Businesses and individuals alike still need repairs, troubleshooting, computer upgrades, and other technology advice and assistance. If you are computer literate or install software, you can make good savings. own business of your house.

One of the reasons that computer repair makes for a big home business is that you need very little installation on your side. You will need your tools (a basic screwdriver for the most part, unless you are working on hard drives or other more advanced parts) and some form of organizing your orders and of your bills, and that's about it all. You do not even really need a home office or a workspace if you do most of your work at your clients' home. houses. If you bring computers or other devices to your home to work, all you really need is a large table and good lighting.

Although many people have acquired computer skills by simply working on computers, you will probably want to acquire some certificates. If you are at the pinnacle of technology, you probably already know everything certification tests require. However, having a Microsoft certification or an A + certification will make your business more professional and give your customers confidence. In addition, you can obtain certification through computer companies to work as an authorized repair service for their products, which can attract more customers.

There are a few other things you will want to think about before starting your home computer repair business. The first is what you will work. Do you just want to manage the CPU itself? If that's the case, all you need to do is work on hard drivers, motherboards, CD drives and more. However, if you want to grow your business, you can also use devices such as printers, monitors, scanners, or fax machines. Although this brings you more work, it also means that you will need a distributor or other source for the parts, and that you will need to know or learn how to maintain various appliance brands.

The main concern in working on computers is finding a good source for the parts. You do not always want to buy high-end hard drives or printer parts, but at the same time, the technology industry is one in which the purchase of the most generic part and cheap is not always the best idea. You want your customers to know that everything they have to repair will last, but you will also need your parts at a reasonable price to make your services affordable. With this in mind, you can buy your pieces on the Internet, from a reliable computer store, or even buy used computers from people you know or your customers during the upgrade. Just because a computer is used does not mean that its parts are worthless.

Once you have a good inventory of parts or a reliable source to buy them and your certificates and home office documents in the order, all you need are customers. Advertising in your local newspaper is a good way to do business, just like setting up flyers at local colleges (be sure to get permission first, of course). You could even put an ad in the college newspaper since the students are very dependent on computer science. If you can offer them a discount, you will have an almost unlimited customer base. Computer repair companies also get lots of customers through word of mouth. Always give your clients some extra business cards to share with friends and family who may need your help.

While this is obviously a simplified approach to starting your home computer repair business, it serves to define the things you will need to start your business. If this is done correctly and well advertised, you will end up with more processors, printers and monitors to repair than you would have ever imagined.


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