How to Start a Home Service Business Quickly and Cost-Effectively


One of the fastest and most affordable ways to make money at home is to start a service business. If you use the skills and resources you already have, you can be up and running in hours. Here are some tips for quickly starting a service business.

1. Use the skills you already have in your job, volunteer work or hobby. If you're great with kids, start a daycare service. If you like to cook, start a baking service. If you like to organize and plan, start an event planning service. If you are helpful in the office, start a virtual assistant activity. If you are at home, start a repair and repair business. If you like to decorate, start a decorating or home staging business. If you like helping people or businesses, start a coaching or consulting service. If you want to connect people to the necessary resources, start a referral service. Just about any talent or hobby can be turned into a service business.

2. Use the resources you already have. The chances are that if you have the skill, you probably also have the tools and resources you need. The use of existing resources saves you money and time.

3. Find out what are the daily tasks in running your business. Some companies seem fun or easy, but in fact can be tedious. I've always thought that being a criminal lawyer would be interesting, but many people I talk to say that most of the time it's research, not the legal drama. You can learn about your company's management activities by participating in groups related to your business idea at Linked-In and Facebook, by checking associations related to your business idea and by establishing contacts in your sphere of influence. work in the company you want to start.

4. Decide what services you will offer. You can provide a multitude of services or specialize in a particular field. For example, some virtual assistants only do marketing tasks while others do anything but marketing.

5. Decide who will be your market. You can have a large market or focus on a specific group. Using again the example of the virtual assistant, some VA work with all those who need their services while some VA are working with a specific market like realtors.

6. Determine the prices of your service. Some services are one-time offers while others are in progress. Some can be both. Determine what you charge for your services and if you offer a discount to loyal customers.

7. Find out if additional training or licenses are needed. Some services such as real estate, finance, personal care (barber) and others are regulated by the state and my need to take a test and / or d & # 39; obtain a professional license.

8. Find your first client quickly. You should have a marketing plan, but most of the successful service business owners I know have found their first customer through their existing network and are getting most of their new customers through the mouth-to -hear.


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