How to Start a Low Cost Blind Retail Business


A blind store business can be set up at a relatively low cost. This activity involves visiting potential customers at home, measuring their windows and helping them choose the fabrics in your sample range. When you take an order, you just need to send it to a blind manufacturer who offers a commercial supply service. They will compose the blinds of your specifications and send them to you. You then return to your customer to equip the blinds and cash the payment. There is no stock to hold because you provide customized products, custom-made according to the requirements of your customers, you only buy shares when you have an order.

You should also receive customer deposits which means you have to cover your purchase costs before placing your orders, giving you a very good cash position. To start this business, you will need a range of samples to show people. These can be purchased from a commercial manufacturer. You can actually "pray" some free samples, but it is best to have professionally produced samples at least rather than pieces of cloth. A set of samples can cost up to € 200, but there are options where you can get a starter kit for around £ 50 and exchange it later when your business is established.

You will also need some tools for A good drill, hammer, screwdriver and small stool are essential pieces of equipment. Another thing to consider is how to promote your new business. Advertising in local newspapers works well, but it will add to your start up costs. You can also print flyers and deliver them yourself as a low-cost alternative to get you started. The assembly of most blinds is a simple task and can be done by anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY, if you choose your supplier, they should be able to offer you all the advice and advice which you need. As a general rule, the blinds retail trade is based on a gross margin of about 40%, that is to say that you double your exclusive purchase price to VAT. With the right approach and marketing, you can expect a turnover of £ 100,000 plus one year.


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