How to Start a Web Design Business at Home


If you start your business at home, which I strongly encourage you to do, it's pretty easy to get started.

In simple and easy terms, you need a workspace, a computer, an internet connection and a phone. Your computer must be powerful enough to work comfortably; enough for you to work in graphic design programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, without significantly slowing down the computer.

Fortunately, many computers sold these days have enough power for this purpose. But a slow computer can slow down your work process, and the missed time waiting for your computer to catch up can add up. It is therefore important that you make sure that your computer is sufficient.

It is very likely that this is the highest cost in creating your business, but it will be the main tool of your business, so it is important that the tool is in good condition. Whether you like the PC or the Mac, it does not matter here because one or the other will do the business as well.

It is also important to make sure that your Internet connection is sufficient for your needs, both with downloading and downloading. A website is on a server in cyberspace, and each website is made up of a number of files that exist on that server. In order to obtain the files on the server, you will need to download them from your computer to the server. And in creating a website, there are often a number of revisions and changes that you will need to make, which requires downloading modified files a number of times. So a stable and reasonably fast internet connection is important here.

She also prefers to have an internet connection via fiber optic cable or ADSL as opposed to a mobile broadband connection like 3G or 4G because it promises to be more reliable and less expensive that way.

It's also important to have a phone with which customers can contact you, but I think it's best to only use it at first, then to contact the email client when you design their website. Communication is less open to interpretation when you have it in writing. This gives him more clarity.

Becoming a web designer, your own website is going to be serious to start. It can be helpful to check what your competition is doing, or look at a few pages of web design rewards such as Awwwwards just to see what kinds of trends are occurring. If you like working with a trend or against a trend is yours. But it is important to find some kind of inspiration at the beginning.

You might like to look at some books on web design, and there are many. Try to search Amazon. It's a good idea to keep a notebook and save your ideas. Some sites tend to try to reflect everyday scenarios, or objects in their themes. After a while, you will learn which ideas deserve to be deepened and which ones should be left out.

Choosing a name for your business is another important step. I met people who found this process easy, and others who found it very difficult. I know other people who know for years that if they start a business, they call it: ____________.

You could have a great name for a business, only to find that there is already a business with that name, and that the domain name is already already taken. I found it helpful to brainstorm on the names and then refine those that I really liked. I would then Google each name to see if it was free. You may also find it useful to use the Google Keyword Search Tool and see what keywords are popular because the use of certain keywords in your name can be useful for creating an online presence.

Some website designers simply use their birth name as the company name, and it works for them. Fortunately, in web design, we can afford to have a little creativity with our company name because it reflects the creative industry in which we are. It might be helpful to choose something fun and colorful because it could bring it out. You should also know if your company's name is available in your country's business name registry.

Once you have sorted your computer, you have to think a little bit about the software. As for graphic design, Adobe Creative Cloud is the most popular choice in the industry. There are other solutions, such as the Corel suite of applications, which are similar to Adobe programs, but in some areas they do not have certain features and cross-platform compatibility of the Adobe suite.

Programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are considered the industry standard for professionals, but many designers still use applications like Corel Draw and are satisfied with the results. Personally, I use the Creative Cloud as the one where I learned the graphics and design for the web. The links between the apps is also another draw card for me. But I suggest you look at all your options and see what works for you.

The other software you need is a code editor. If you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud, you will have access to the Dreamweaver application, which is a good start for coding because it is user-friendly for beginners. But if you have coded comfortably for quite some time, there are a number of programs that are fantastic for long coding sessions. I use Sublime Text 2 and it works on PC and Mac. It is easy to use with a number of color combinations to highlight your code. There is a free version that has all the features, and it only reminds you to buy the program from time to time. There are other text editors based on PC or Mac. One for Mac called "TextMate" is popular, as is Notepad ++ for PC.

These are just the first steps to starting a website design business. But with a little effort, you can quickly set out to do it yourself. After setting up the fundamentals to come by promoting your business and your website, which I will talk about in a future article soon.


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