How to Start Your Own Mobile Screen Repair Service Business


You can start and manage your own business as a mobile screen repair service company, Money to do it. Most of the houses have screens on the windows, to prevent the bugs from being opened. Many screens are tears and tears, and seem unexpected after a few years of time.

You do not have to buy new screen windows to give them back again, you can repair them on the spot for homeowners and businesses.

You can replace the old screens with new ones, at a fraction of the cost of the new screens. You can buy screen equipment in the home improvement stores, and they also have hand tools to cut, and replace the screen material, and make it nice, tight And again again.

You can call a local screen repair service companies, and get an estimate to see how much they charge for screen repairs, and this would give you a good idea of ​​what What are the current rates.

You can invent pamphlets and put them in sandwich bags, with some stones or pebbles to give them a little weight, then roll slowly and throw them into every driveway you drive slowly, so that New customers are calling you. You should also have good signs on your self, so that customers can call you to fix their screens.

You can create a thief and contact painters, landscapers, window cleaners and more, and offer to give a commission for all the jobs that they send you.


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