How to Take a Girl’s Virginity – A Guide for Guys


It is not easy to take the virginity of a girl. It's a very sensitive issue and many guys can be embarrassed. You want to take the virginity of a girl in a way that makes her very comfortable. She is naturally nervous for the first time, but you can make her live an unforgettable experience. If you are reading this, you are a boyfriend, or that special boy in his life. Of course, you want to make sure that your partner will feel comfortable when you have sex with her for "her first time". You are a sensitive person and a caring person who wants her to remember this first time in a positive light. With good intentions, you will find it very easy to be sensitive to her needs and to make her first time something that she will never forget. She will never forget it for the first time, so make the most of it.

First of all, make sure your daughter is someone you care about. You would not want her first time to be something disappointing for one or the other of you, and if you do not really care about her, she will feel it and will not be fully at ease to give you his virginity. Another thing that some people forget, is to make sure that you are both of legal age to consent to having sex. This is not something you want to have in mind when you make love to him, but this must be taken into account for your two reasons.

Make sure you are ready to have sex at any time, remember to keep a condom on your person. While many girls like to plan their first sexual intercourse, this usually ends up happening spontaneously, which may be the best way to have a truly romantic and intimate moment.

Do not neglect the environment.

This is not because the backseat of a car is a popular place for the first time as it is a good thing. You do not want her to be uncomfortable with not being able to get into the right position or worry about getting caught. You want her somewhere where she can feel safe and comfortable with you.

She will be naturally nervous. This is acceptable. A bit of alcohol can do wonders to calm the nerves, but none of you should be drunk for the first time. This leads to clumsy sex.

When you have everything ready for sex, condoms, a comfortable environment in which you will not be bothered, put on some music and set the mood.

You want her to be so excited that being nervous does not go through her head. You should not even think about penetration before it's wet and dying to have sex with you. Make sure it is sufficiently lubricated and if not, use lubricant.

Enter it slowly, the first penetration will hurt, but if you do it slowly and gently, it will not hurt much. Be sensitive to her, make sure she knows that she may ask you to slow down or stop if it starts to hurt, she will not need you, but she could be worried about having to ask. Tell her in advance so that she does not have to think of anything but feeling good about herself. Once she's used to feeling in her, you can start with slow, shallow bursts, staying soft and letting her choose how fast you go. As she begins to feel more comfortable, she will ask for more and faster, faster and faster.

That's all. If she feels a lot of pain, have her take it on you so that she can control the exact speed and depth, eventually she will find the rhythm that gives her the most pleasure and the least pain.

Follow these tips and we will remember you as a sensitive and caring man who made his first experience something unforgettable.


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