How to take care of Christmas trees


There is something really special about having a real fresh Christmas tree. The construction of real Christmas trees is also part of a long line of family traditions in homes in America. They look great, smell good and bring back good Christmas memories from the past.

Some people think that a Christmas tree is too much work or that they need a lot of care to stay cool. This is not true. The following tips can keep your Christmas tree beautiful throughout the holiday season.

Buy Fresh Christmas Trees

Buy a freshly cut tree in a local Christmas tree farm or an online retailer that cuts your tree shortly before the # 39; send. Ordering fresh Christmas trees online becomes a popular option in the southern states

Cut the bottom of the stump first

Just take out about an inch. This will prevent a plug of sap and help with the absorption of water.

Check the daily water level

Check your booth daily to make sure it has plenty of water. If the water level has dropped completely, fill your stand. A well hydrated tree is a healthy tree.

Inspect Lights Before Mounting

Visually inspect and test all lights before placing them on your tree. If any of the wires or coating is worn, broken or missing, do not use this string of lights.

Stay away from home and open flame

Do not place your tree near a chimney and never place a naked flame near your tree.

Do not place the tree directly on the heat source

Avoid placing the tree near a heat source, including a heating duct or a window directly exposed to the sun. The heat will dry your tree and shorten the life of your tree.

No Preservative Necessary

No need to add preservatives or secret ingredients in the water to keep your tree healthy. The tree will stay healthy with tap water.

Keep Your Tree Smelling

To keep your tree fragrant, unplug all lights. Then find some branches that are hidden and away from the lights / cables, then remove an inch from the end of these branches. As soon as you do that, you will notice a much stronger fragment of this part of your tree. For even more fragrance, cut more branches and do it every day or two. Please note, do not cut the branches that are close to the wiring for your lights.

Merry Christmas

Following the previous tips, you will ensure, you and your family, a beautiful tree that should stay healthy well after Christmas Day.


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