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There are many problems that need to be solved when it is technically to optimize your WordPress site for SEO. All contain more specific elements that need to be targeted to help your website position itself on a search engine. These problems can be discovered by using online listener tools or by purchasing your own audit tools, to save time browsing every page of your website and to manually find these problems. It is essential to perform your on-site optimization so that Google sees your site in the best possible way.

Pages Missing a Page Title

A page title is a very simple and very easy way to include your target keywords for the page, so it's important to include it on all pages you are targeting, and the rest of them for good measure. To set a page title on a page using WordPress first, you should be on the page for which you want to set a title. On the WordPress toolbar, there will be a button for "Edit Page". Once you are in the edit page section, you need to scroll down until you see your page title / meta description (if you do not have it). not yet defined one, it will still be available). Click on the preview to open the option to define a page title, enter the appropriate page title (do not forget to include your keywords) and make sure to Save the changes before leaving the Edit Page section. A page title should ideally be between 10-70 characters, so you can be sure that it will be displayed correctly on the search engine and that it will not be cut off.

Pages with a duplicate page title / Meta description [19659003] Google is everything for original content and new ideas, all that is duplicated, it is more difficult for Google to understand your site, so the original titles for each page is a simple and effective method for search engines please. This will be edited again in the same way as the previous two, by going to the WordPress edition page and changing all the titles of your pages if any of them is duplicated [19659002] Pages missing a meta description

can not directly affect your SEO, but it is very important because your first selling point is often your page title and meta description in Google search, it's your first chance to sell your product or service to your customer with a keen and efficient description. If a meta description is not specified, the search engines will display a copy of the page instead. It is therefore unlikely that you give a good description of your page and that it is bad to attract potential customers to your website. You should try to keep your meta descriptions between 150-160 characters to maximize your chances of getting a better number of potential customer clicks. A meta description can be added to your page using WordPress in the same section as the title of your page is added.

Google Analytics missing pages

Google analytics should be on every page if the user wants to be able to see what is going on in their website, things like referrals and traffic. Google Analytics can also allow you to set up other tracking tools and will do all the work for you. You must have a Google Analytics account set up and the scans are put on the website in the code of each page of your site.

Pages with low word count

It is recommended to have at least 250 words on a page to improve your technical optimization for your site, however exceptions may be made for non-key pages, such as contact pages. Indeed, if a page has a low word count, this gives less content to the search engine, which means that it is harder for the search engine to understand the page and to judge it. it is a good quality page. Therefore, to improve your SEO on site, it is strongly advised that your key pages include more than 250 words, and do not forget your most important keywords. On your WordPress site, you can click edit page in the toolbar and more than likely increase your word count by simply adding to the content of the page, which is easy to view and edit.

Pages with duplicate content problems

again, in the same way that a duplicate page title or meta description is detrimental to your SEO, pages that have content that is considered as being duplicate can be even worse. Duplicate content is a bad thing for your site because search engines may not display both pages because they are forced to choose the version most likely to be the original or most relevant version. Therefore, if you have pages with duplicate content, you are compromising your chances of getting the desired high rankings. There is no single way to edit duplicate content specifically for a WordPress site, other than to change the content and to ensure that no content is the same on your site.

Missing anchor or ALT text.

If a link is missing Text ALT, then it is more difficult for a search engine to understand the context of your site and therefore more difficult to decipher if your site is worthy of a good ranking or not. Therefore, it is important to add ALT text to your links to make sure that the search engine is not going to have a hard time reading your site and give it a good ranking. This can be done by simply putting the text that is relevant to the link as anchor text in your tag when linking to a page.

Missing Images ALT text / Title text

To give search engines a better understanding of what's happening on your site, because you can include relevant keywords, allowing the search engine to understand what is the image and how it relates to the page. Using your keywords in the ALT text and the title will help you improve your rankings because Google will understand that your page is relevant to that keyword, as long as the rest of the page is well optimized. for your keywords. Try to make sure all your images on the site contain ALT text and title text. These can be added in WordPress in the media section, where you will find all the images on your site, just click on the image and on the right side will be a section to add ALT text and the title of the text.


Broken images are damaging not only to your SEO, but also to your user experience. If a user can see that there must be an image on your page, but the image is broken, then they will be deterred from what is happening on the page as this broken image will have a negative impact on their experience on the site. It can also negatively affect your SEO as search engines can see that there is a broken image on the page. But you should make sure that you do not have broken images more important for your users than the search engines. If you have a broken image on your WordPress site, you should be sure to solve this problem as quickly as possible, as there are several reasons why an image might be broken, there is no sure way to solve this issue. You can read about the common reasons and fixes for broken images here .

Page Errors / Broken Links

Page faults will cause a problem when the search engine does not find a page on your site, is linked to or is indexed. This may be due to the fact that the server is too slow to respond, or because this page may have been deleted or the URL has been changed without performing a 301 redirect. These errors will prevent a user from responding. access your site and should be changed as soon as possible, as they seriously damage your SEO and your user experience. There is not a single way to edit a broken link on a WordPress site, as this may be due to different reasons, you can find some of the reasons and methods to repair here .


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