How to tell real copper fake when decoration of a house


A reliable way to get real copper products is to order a company that is well known. However, if one is on the market for a copper hood or sink, it is important to check its actual so that they can properly evaluate it and make an informed purchase.

Whether it is a copper hood, a sink, a slab, kitchen utensils or other copper elements, here are tips to recognize if it is real copper or not.


The actual copper will have a reddish brown and brass or mixed appearance The metals will take on a yellow color. A visual inspection is a way of saying if an element can be made of brass. A great idea is to compare it with a penny because the color of a copper penny will be closely associated.

Search codes

Brass is usually marked with a special code, and it will start with a C and will have three digits after. Look for this special code as an indicator that the item in question is certainly not copper. Even if it is believed that they have a copper hood, it is important to note that manufacturers can conceal copper as copper.

Scratch It

Test and discrete zone of the copper range A hood or an object by depositing it gently with a metallic file. If it remains a copper finish, it is whole copper, if it starts to appear white then it is false. Usually, in this case, it is a metal pot with a copper coating.

The Magnet Trick

Try to stick a magnet on the copper hood. If it sticks, it is likely that the steel is masked like copper. If this happens, it is possible that the item is really copper.

Look for professional advice

If all else fails and it has not been determined if the article is real In Copper or not, bring it to a professional. They can easily distinguish different metals. An expert in home design or someone who works with metals is the best bet in this case.

The Copper Trend

There is a huge trend in copper for 2016, and it is displayed in all areas of the house, from kitchen to halls of Baths and everything in between. Here are some of the most popular items to add to a home:

  • Storage Hoods – Make this centerpiece of any kitchen for this "wow" factor.
  • Sinks – Whether over the counter or below, the copper sinks are gorgeous in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Faucets – Add a rustic element to any type of decor with a copper faucet.
  • Backsplashes – Copper backsplashes are extremely popular in modern homes.
  • Vases and decorative objects – Copper touches can be added in vases, frames, soaps and more.
  • Shelves – Copper shelves work in any room of the house.
  • Coat racks – A classic copper coat rack near the door is perfect for guests and organization.
  • Kitchen Utensils – Copper in kitchen utensils helps disperse heat uniformly for excellent dishes.

Copper is particularly popular in kitchens because it naturally destroys bacteria. It also has a unique finish that can change over time or be brought back to its original luster. Any modern owner must himself consider the addition of copper in their decor. It works well in any style of contemporary, comfortable cab, escapes to the beach and classic style homes.

There really are no rules for the addition of copper, and all these options are just as popular. There are many online dealers as well as specialty stores all over the world where copper products can be found.


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