How to throw a jewelry line is a dying art


Design concepts are increasingly coming "from the path to the top," says Helene Fortunoff, rather than simply the company's dying. elite. From a home design and manufacturing workspace, independent designers can produce and market fine jewelry and fancy jewelry that could reach a global market. A beautiful jewelry design may require some knowledge to work with metals, for example, silver, gold and gemstones or semi – precious stones. The whimsical jewelry design brackets, however, are limited solely because of the imagination of the designer. Here are some steps to launch a jewelry line.

Educate yourself the process of producing jewelry. Take a jewelry making class at a local school of art or extension class to acquire a basic know-how. Read the books and sign up for relevant jewelry-related magazines to determine industry-specific information.

Set up an exclusive space in your home or have a workshop / showroom to produce and display your jewelry line. Create an exhibition hall by having an effective and artistic display. Shop for jewelry inventory in a safe, clean and organized way.

Get the standard business startup requirements, including business licenses and insurance; Home technology; And software and tools for accounting management, record keeping, taxes, database inventory.

Buy jewelry tools and equipment and locate useful information for jewelry supplier for jewelry. Unless the jewelry line targets unique custom jewelry, use material that could be quickly restored to fill orders. A reliable source for beads and also other jewelry is Fire Mountain Gems. In addition, Rio Grande has provided artisanal jewelry and metallurgists with products since 1944.

Generate buzz. Spend time finding the jewelry worn by those who can build the buzz. This may include entertainment or sports celebrities. Wear the jewelry as much as possible and donate coins to fashionable friends eager to serve as gentle marketing specialists to interest you.

Contrary to your free account to produce difficult sales with stores, shops and jewelry stores. This person is generally initially retained as a potential independent contractor in commission. Someone experienced with sales or marketing reason enough for contacts in the retail trade could be the best fit. The search engine of the fashion industry is often a reliable resource for fashion business information.

Get your items directly in the hands of buyers. Participating in arts and crafts demonstrates that this corresponds to this line of jewelry. Configure jewelry kits in jewelry or fashion boutiques. These are great opportunities to create media interest and justify sending a well – produced press release and photograph the image of a sample of your jewelry collection.


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