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Malta – Trapani Review

Well, it's indeed a very short way to fly, more like a bus ride than a flight, certainly not more than 40 minutes.

And the pilot excelled in the wind and sent us down on time. Arrive just after departure.

This notice is for all travelers to Trapani and Malta. I suggest that in both cases you pre-book a Ryan flight if the offers are incredibly cheap and stay a weekend in the other place. This means that if you plan to stay a week in Trapani, you can spend 2 days in Malta, and the opposite. In both cases, it is worth every penny to spend because both countries have a lot to offer. And with Ryan flights that sometimes reach one euro (1 euro), otherwise zero, (yes, it's true, I've traveled with only one euro and another euro), this is not not only possible but economical too.

Ryan air is fast. The online check-in method saves a lot of hassle and you can arrive at the airport much later (without risking losing your flight) closest to the departure time . You pass the security check with your carry – on baggage and after a few moments in the lounge, you are called to board the plane. Simple, effective, fast.

Trapani is so close to Malta that when the plane stops climbing after takeoff, it begins to prepare for landing. Arriving at one or the other destination, it's like getting off the bus since both are Schengen member countries.

Malta is a very attractive tourist destination. Steeped in history and brewed over centuries of conquests by different peoples and cultures, Malta is a jewel of the Mediterranean. But so similar is the region accessible from Trapani. Erice, for example, with its Norman castle is reminiscent of Mdina in Malta, with its own Norman house. Beautiful cobblestone streets and vast breathtaking views – unforgivable for all your life.

And then the good food, the excellent wine, the hospitality, not to mention the wonderful tan, the lush countryside – you will love it.

Sicily is not like the area we are talking about. But even so, so much has changed in recent years to modernize and improve that some places are actually unrecognizable in recent years. Castellammare del Golfo is a picturesque fishing village located in the middle of high hills and guarded by its castle. Enjoy a local couscous served with an accompanying fish soup dish with appetizing water and a good local white wine. And then to the glacier, Italian style with all those fresh fruit flavors straight from the Mediterranean.

The same goes for Ghajn Tuffieha and Marsaxlokk in Malta, both guarded by high towers, beautiful paintings to bring back to your heart. Savor the octopus or rabbit stew with laurel and local bread and ask any farmer a bottle of his own vintage (about 14% – better nap then).

There is so much more than one can describe but the words will never be enough. I suggest you keep an eye on cheap flights between the two countries. Buy tickets, and at EUR 1 (or less) if you really enjoy where you are, this could be a case of "maybe next time"! Which would be a real shame.

Ciao for the moment.


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