How to Treat a Hemorrhoid That Won’t Stop Bleeding


It is rule of thumb to never ignore bleeding hemorrhoids. Although it is true that bleeding is a perfectly normal symptom of hemorrhoids, there can sometimes be a more serious underlying cause. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor to confirm that this is not the case. In addition to the rare cases requiring more serious medical care, creams and solutions for ointments often provide symptom relief as well as a reduction in swelling. Treating hemorrhoids as quickly as possible can also help prevent the onset of a more serious condition.

Creams with hydrocortisone are available without a prescription for self-treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids. These help by reducing the swelling and discomfort of the condition. This type of cream is powerful and so it is essential that it be used with care, according to the instructions on the packaging (or as indicated by a doctor.) Also know that the response of hemorrhoids to these creams normally requires some the time it takes for things to return to normal, so you should not expect immediate results.

There are also many natural treatment methods, such as ointments containing herbs and vitamins. These may also reduce the discomfort and size of hemorrhoids, although success is not as certain, as their action will probably be milder. Some people may nevertheless prefer this type of approach. On top of that, simple changes in your diet, such as increasing the number of fruits and vegetables eaten, can help reduce tension when you move on. This tension is one of the main reasons why hemorrhoids worsen. For this reason, increased hydration is also important.

Needless to say, scrupulous care of the infected area is also essential. The area should remain as clean as possible, which can be done very simply with hot water. On the other hand, do not rub the area too much as this may cause further irritation.

Surgical intervention may be necessary in case of severe bleeding not reduced by other methods. Laser surgery is a very effective modern method that involves the use of a laser beam of light capable of removing most haemorrhoids without harming the surrounding area. The so-called Elastic Ligation eliminates hemorrhoids by cutting off their blood supply, eventually causing them to die and fall. These procedures are quick and minimize discomfort and pain, although they are not always a permanent solution, as some of the tissue that forms the hemorrhoids may remain. These procedures are normally performed on an outpatient basis, allowing you to return home the same day.

In the most severe cases, your doctor may advise you to have a hemorrhoidectomy called to completely remove hemorrhoids. When this surgical removal is performed, it may require stitches and a longer and more uncomfortable recovery period – usually a few days at the hospital and a week or two to recover.

The best strategy for hemorrhoids is to take action early. Bring the lifestyle changes described, apply the appropriate medications and consult your doctor if you have any doubts. Acting now could save much more complex and expensive treatments in the future.


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