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Apart from facial acne, acne is quite common. Although you can "hide" acne, it also limits your wardrobe to the outfit that hides it. You also tend to avoid activities that involve showing your back. The return of acne is not fun and finding treatment methods is your best chance to get back to doing the things you love the most. It might not be as easy as treating facial acne because you do not see much of your back. However, the treatment of acne is important if you want others to like the look of your back every time you decide to go naked. Here are some of the methods of treatment.

Wash your back

Washing your back does not mean a few simple seconds of washing and rinsing. This means that you have to focus a lot on your back when you wash it. Wash your back with washcloths or brushes that have exfoliating characteristics. This helps to scrape off dead skin cells. It is best to experiment with different washing agents before sticking to an agent that does not irritate the skin or further aggravate the rashes. Once you have washed, make sure you clean and dry your back. After that, be sure to moisturize the back when dry skin triggers sebum production in the sebaceous glands

Using benzoyl peroxide-based acne

Body washes based on Benzoyl peroxide is a great way to eliminate acne. When it is included in the body wash, it acts as an exfoliator. In other words, it takes off dead skin cells and also helps unclog the pores of the skin. Despite being a great way to clean acne pimples and prevent scarring, it does not have an antibacterial effect. Therefore, if you stop using the product, you may encounter problems again. Apart from body washes, you can also apply benzoyl peroxide gels and lotions on your back to get rid of acne

Salicylic Acid Treatment

Washes Salicylic based also work in the same way as benzoylates. body washes. In addition, they do not have antibacterial properties, which means that you must continue to use them to prevent breakouts. You can also find salicylic acid-based lotions, creams and gels that can be applied to help eliminate acne

Oral antibiotics

In addition to topical application from the treatment of acne, you can also take oral antibiotics. . Some of the antibiotics you can take include tetracycline, minocycline and erythrocycline. These are effective for acne breakouts in all parts of the body. You must however be aware of possible side effects, including vaginal yeast infections in women and stomach upset, among others. It is also recommended to consult a dermatologist before taking any medicine to treat acne.

Diet Modification

The diet plays a major role in acne breakouts. Diets rich in processed sugars have been found to cause acne. Changing for diets containing less of these sugars will help in the treatment of back acne. A good way to change your diet is to check the foods you eat. The best foods for your body are organic foods that do not contain any chemicals. In addition, fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of fiber and sugars for the body.

Use of Clean Tissue

The back area has a large area that comes into contact with the fabric. You must make sure that any clothing coming into contact with the back is clean. In addition, you should wear loose clothing or clothing made of breathable materials such as cotton to allow the circulation of air. You must also make sure that your bedding is clean. This will help prevent the proliferation of bacteria causing acne and the accumulation of dirt that can contribute to acne.

If you have tried different methods on how to treat acne, you may agree that it is not an easy task. The back area is large enough and without the help of a mirror, you may not be able to judge whether the treatment method works or not. I've compiled a short report detailing 5 easy steps on how to get rid of acne. The report contains treatment methods that I have tried and found to be effective. The methods do not have any side effects and you will not need a mirror to know that they work.


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