How to use different types of crossbars at home


Crossbar curtains are mainly used for pleated curtains that use a pulley system to open and close. In this type of mounting, the curtains are attached to a rod using special hooks, in which the rod remains hidden by the curtains, except when they are open. Nowadays, there are different styles of cross bars available, such as decorative rods, which use rings rather than hooks and also allow the display of the curtain bar even when the curtains are closed. The only benefit of these stems is that you should not touch your curtains every time you open or close them; This further increases the lifespan of the curtains.

Single Crossbars

These types of curtain bars are equipped with a pulley system that only works in one direction. They are usually used for curtains that must be installed on sliding doors or windows. In fact, windows that meet a 90 degree angle in a corner or those equipped with vertical blinds are also considered perfect for single-rod stems. The designs of these curtain bars are perfect for keeping decorative curtains in a corner without having to worry about how they will look when they are drawn. All you need to do is position the rods in such a way that the curtains move away from each other.

Two-way crossbars

These rods allow you to draw the curtains from the center of the Window to the far right and left. They are perfect for large windows and add a flawless decorative style to your home. However, if you are looking for a traditional look, you can choose to install the ideal and traditional cross bar that will remain hidden when the curtains are closed. However, for those looking to give their home a contemporary look, they can opt to purchase decorative transverse rods with characteristic rings that will remain hollow and allow you to open and close easily your curtains.

Double Traverse Rods

If you are willing to display two types of curtain panels on one window, the two cross bars can be the best option. These rods are not like double curtain bars and, by installing these rods, you can transparently display a panel for privacy and the other for decorating and controlling the light. Also, if you want to place a single decorative curtain with a valence, these types of rods may be the most appropriate option. A valence is basically a decorative piece of fabric that masks your traditional rod even when the curtains are open.

Often the windows in your home could be too long and the standard bars might not match well. Therefore, in such a situation, you can choose to purchase extra-long cross-bars specially created for windows with large widths. In fact, some of these rods are even adjustable, to fit your windows or doors as you wish.


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