How to Use Makeup to Contour Your Face


Professional makeup artists know how to use makeup to shape your face and create the illusion of perfection, even without any airbrush or Photoshop hints. For the rest of us, remodeling is often seen as existing only successfully on the stage or during a professional photo shoot. This is certainly not the case! Once done correctly, contouring is a simple and easy way to make your face look slimmer and your features more defined and radiant. We have three tips that will help you learn how to use your makeup to shape your face that you will master quickly.

You will need some good makeup brushes to use these methods effectively. If you do not have one yet, consider buying a set of good quality brushes from one of the best makeup lines like Trish McEvoy or MAC. You can also buy individual pieces to fill gaps in your brush kit. My favorites are Bobbi Brown. I have had them for years and they are still in excellent condition.

Now take your brushes and start carving!

1. How to slim down your face

A slimmer face is a goal that may seem possible to some thanks to weight loss, but with a little contour makeup, you can have a thinner face in less than five minutes. You will need a non-shimmery, matte tan three hues darker than your complexion and a fluffy little face or a bronzing brush. If you have trouble finding a bronzing powder without speckling, just use a facial powder of a few shades darker than usual. Dip your brush lightly into the bronzer and create the "E" shape "3" on your face. To do this, start at your temple and bend the brush around and under your cheekbone, then back around and under your jaw. This creates a letter "E" on your left and a number "3" on your right. Then use a clean brush or makeup sponge to mix the hard lines.

2. How to Sculpt Your Nose

A simple trick to make your nose thinner and upright involves the same bronzing or dark powder that you used to get around your face and an eyebrow . Dip your eyebrow lightly into the tan and lift it vertically from the bridge of the nose to the tip of each side of your nose, leaving the center of the nose clean. To create a more defined tip of the nose, create a tiny "V" under the tip of the nose with the help of the bronzing brush and eyeshadow. Use a clean fluffy brush to mix all the hard lines.

3. The Best Way to Use Highlighting

The last step to creating a perfectly defined and contoured face is to highlight your main features. You can use a liquid, cream or powder highlighter in the color and shade of your choice. For this step, a shimmering product is preferred. If you are using a powder highlighter, clean your small brush from the contour of the face and use it to brush the highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, in the center of your nose, in the middle of your forehead and on your cupid. bow. If you choose a product highlighting liquid or cream, repeat the same steps with your fingers and mix slightly. For a lasting effect, coat your products by first using a cream or liquid highlighter and then covering it with a corresponding powder highlighter.

Everything is done! Now you know how to use your makeup to get around your face and all you have to do is practice. This can take you a few times and a little experimentation to find the right colors, but you will be amazed at the difference that a few workarounds can do.


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