How To Wash Your Face Properly


Many experts agree that it is important to thoroughly wash your face to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Here is a compilation of all the basic tips on the first step to maintain a beautiful face.

1. It is important to remove all makeup and residue by using a soft cotton ball and a moisturizer to avoid damaging your skin.

2. Avoid using water that is too hot or too cold to rinse your face as it may dry the skin.

3. Choosing the right cleanser is important because a strong soap can dry the skin and remove natural lipids. Always choose a free, non-comedogenic and mild soap.

4. Gently massage the face with a rotating motion upward using only your middle ring and your pink fingers.

5. It is advisable to clean the face several times to remove any residue of soap or cleansers. Indivisible residues left behind can clog pores.

6. Always dry your face with a soft, non-abrasive towel. Never rub on your face.

7. After cleaning your face, use an alcohol-free toner to close the pores. It should also leave your face smooth and refreshed.

8. Finish with your favorite moisturizer to keep skin healthy and hydrated. A natural moisturizer is the best way to get there because it has the least chemical additives.

9. Always put on sunscreen after cleaning your face in the morning. Preferably sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Do not forget to reapply throughout the day depending on the time spent in the sun and the number of SPFs used.


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