How to Weave Hair


After considering all the options for which one would need extra hair, then the next thing would be to fix it to the existing one. For all the reasons that you might want to have fake hair, all that matters is how to fix it in a way that you as a customer will appreciate. There are several tips on how to weave hair to your natural locks. Synthetic or artificial hair can be attached to existing strands by gluing, melting, sewing and polishing. The method that we choose depends on the amount of money that we have.

Hair extensions come in strands as well as frames. The frames are extensions attached together at the top and winding freely down. This makes them easy to repair on the existing by sewing. Simply braid the natural first, then using thread and needle, sew the weave on the braids. This allows the natural locks to continue to grow while wearing the weave. So, to avoid this shabby appearance, you have to go to the salon for maintenance to sew the weave closer to the scalp.

If we choose to use the type of strand of an extension, know that there are limitations to go with. First, it does not allow existing hair to continue to grow because of the methods used to repair it. To attach the strands, we use methods like chemical bonding, waxing and heat fusion, all of which could damage existing hair. Part of the natural locks, then apply the bonding glue to the very close to the scalp. Then he or she firmly secures the strands to the existing curls in the desired look. This type of extra hair although cheaper may end up being more expensive in the end because of its delicate nature in maintenance. How to weave the hair to the existing depends on the type of extension that we choose.

No matter what type of weave you choose, you are the master. If you want to grow natural wicks as you wear your armor, then you know the type of extra hair to focus on. If you do not mind a lot about natural locks, then you have not exhausted your options. You know your taste, the amount of money you want to spend on the hair and you are certainly free to do what you want. For fashionable women, attaching extra braids to your own can give you that improved look you desire.

There is nothing to fear since the extensions surely come in the varieties and ranges of colors. We would have the choice they need in beauty shops with ease. Getting that desired look is pretty simple now all you need to do is make that decision to have a weaving extension. To maintain that beautiful look you desire, no need to worry, all you have to do is to learn some tips on how to weave hair with elegance.


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