How to Winterize Your Skin Care Regime


Winter weather can be a real challenge to keep skin hydrated and look healthy. The hard outer elements take their toll, along with the inner heat and other factors. The skin can easily become chapped, dry and stripped of its natural beauty and luster. Here are five simple tips to keep your skin looking fantastic despite the weather outside! And the true beauty of these beauty insider tips? They will not break your beauty bank!

1. Drink a lot of water. At this time of year, especially in colder climates, we often turn to our drinks to bring us warmth. Thus, we are less likely to drink water and more likely to drink hot tea, coffee or cocoa. Do not forget to drink water, and a lot of water in cold weather! In heating the doors and the elements can dehydrate us, staying hydrated not only will keep you healthy, but will keep your skin beautiful.

Wintering Tip: In addition, with more parties and parties, we may be more inclined to indulge in drinks containing alcohol. This too, can dehydrate us and our skin, so a good tip is to drink a glass of water for every cocktail you enjoy on your vacation!

2. Exfoliate. During the winter months and in cold weather, our skin may start to look a little dull. Many of us do not think about exfoliating as we do during the warm months as we can (and should!) Use safe self tanning products that require exfoliation and shaving more often during this time of year. ;year. It is important to exfoliate again, from head to toe to keep the skin clean, clear and energized.

Winterizing Tip: When it comes to exfoliation (especially with salt scrubs!) Be sure to do it before you shave. Not only will you avoid any salt burning sensation on newly washed skin, but you also avoid any irritation of the scrub and exfoliation elements on freshly shaved areas. Best of all, you get a better shave when you exfoliate first!

3. Moisturize. The winter months can be hard on the skin, and sometimes we need to look at our moisturizer to make sure it's cold weather. Most moisturizers do business all year round, but for some of us, our skin needs more moisture, especially when our radiators work day and night! Many dermatologists recommend applying your moisturizer while your skin is still a little wet.

Tip for Wintering: A great way to keep skin moist is to use a humidifier during the months when you heat your home, especially in your bedroom while you sleep at night.

4. Avoid hot water. I am the first to want to warm the Jacuzzi or take long showers and hot baths to "thaw" at this time of the year. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to hot water is not good for your skin. This hot water can strip your skin of necessary and natural oils and deprive your skin of its natural ability to keep your skin hydrated. While it's nice to soak in a tub with oils and other soothing ingredients added, most of these are simply drained when you empty your tub. It is best to take a shower in lukewarm water and avoid excessive exposure to hot tubs and hot tubs that are excessively hot.

Wintering Tip: A good rule of thumb is that if your skin turns red in a hot tub or shower, it is really too hot. Refresh it a little to help maintain the natural and necessary oils that your body produces to protect your skin.

5. Always use your sunscreen! You may think that when you see less sun in the winter months, you do not need to apply sunscreen every day as you do during the warm months of the month. You are always exposed to the sun and its potentially harmful rays in winter. Apply sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas (for some of us, not a lot of others exposed in cold weather!) And make sure to stay on a routine to keep your healthy skin all year round.

Wintering Tip: An excellent product is to find a multi-tasking product that offers sunscreen and a powder or foundation style cover for your skin. This makes daily sunscreen application a "routine" and a simple routine!


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