I have a dirty design secret to share


Other Peoples Cast-offs can be your inspiration for home design. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an avid scuba diver. I like to find "good" furniture and accessories that others throw or do not need anymore. Through this process, I was able to find many decorating ideas that would otherwise have been wasted. Many times, I took what would have ended up in the dump and turned it into something useful and beautiful for my home. And I do this without any shame, knowing that what would have been a waste of waste, has become something functional and surprisingly aesthetic.

Examples of things that I used in the design of the house: Someone through a twelve-inch drum that was in perfect condition except that the skin of the drum was broken. I took a piece of plywood and cut it for the opening and voila, instant bedside table. Other times I found the fabric poured, which could be used for a multitude of things from headboard covers to curtains to cushion covers. My master bedroom is also carpeted with a perfectly good rug that I picked up for free because the lady who bought it decided that she did not like the color and bought a new carpet to replace it. I just stopped and asked her if I could bring her for her. The color seems perfectly fine in my room and since I installed it myself it was almost free. I also have a drawing table that is made from a solid wood table that someone just drew. It only took a few minor changes to make it a perfect drawing board (and it did not even need to be stained or painted).

These are just a few examples of ways I've been able to decorate my home with this "trash design technique". If you look around and use your imagination, I would set a good chance you have "design treasures" in your own garage or storage. If not, take a look at the dumpsters behind furniture stores, carpet dealers, fabric stores, etc. Maybe you can share my "Dirty Little Dumpster Secret Design" and make your house a little more beautiful. By the way, the computer that I use is connected to a desktop computer that I use as a home server. I bet you can not guess where I found it? That's right, the computer was found in a dumpster behind an electronics store, and the monitor was also found in a dumpster at another location. Here. My secret is out. I can not say it's a "Jerry Springer moment" or something like that, but I hope it will not leave you any excuse when it comes to the design of the house. all your design dreams come true. [19659002] If you need something new, for example … a new quality carpet for decorating your home at an incredible price, visit our website and discover our exclusive selection: 100% wool and 15 years of wear guaranteed.


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