If Acne is Getting You Down, Talk to Your Parents First


If you are looking for a cure for your acne, it is good, continue, but you must first talk to your parents.

Listen, let's face it: if your acne bothers you so much that you have to talk to someone, all I advise you to do is talk to your parents about 39; first. They love you, they will help you. Acne is a complex disease. Do not keep complex things inside. Better yet, if you have to talk, talk to people who can help you.

I know you will not go to your parents' house right away. It's like that. While you gather enough courage to approach your parents, you can do some simple things to fight your acne.

Sleep Quality

Simple, is not it! I'm just going to give you some basic stuff. Your body repairs while you sleep. You live a hectic and busy life. The time of sleep corresponds to the moment when your body catches you. So, take a lot of it.

Drink a lot of water

Yes! Your body is 75 to 80% water. Drink true, the water is tasteless. What I do is I press the fresh lemon into the water. No, I did not say anything about lemonade. No sugar allowed. Just water and lemon; you'll get used to it.

Wash your face

Wash your face with clean, pure water. Not too much. Twice a day, it's pretty good. Your face is attacked every time you go out. The sun makes its effect, the smog makes its effect and then you always put your dirty hands on your face all day long.

Finally, cut out sugars and sugars. Eat your fruits and vegetables.


Source by Wycliffe Williams

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