Include metal garage doors in your new home design


If you replace an old garage door or choose one for your new home, you already know that you have a lot of choices in terms of door design and materials. There is a strong trend towards garage doors and natural wood materials. Many manufacturers will help you design wooden garage doors that will enhance your home with the natural beauty of wood. In terms of the price of garage doors, they can be expensive with some exceeding $ 5,000. Natural all wooden garage doors require a higher degree of maintenance and are prone to warping. In general, not all wooden doors have the strength of metal garage doors.

Probably a smarter option is to install a metal garage door that has an outer layer of wood. The main benefit of this type of door comes from the fact that a garage door with framed steel panels is stronger and safer. In addition, new metal garage doors can be insulated to a higher R value than a full wooden door. However, you will still have to spend more time maintaining the exterior wood surfaces as you do for all wooden garage doors.

One of the best garage door designs on the market includes a multilayer metal panel that includes two or more layers of 25 gauge galvanized steel or stronger layers that sandwich 2 inches of polyurethane foam between them. When these panels are assembled with Shiplap style seals, you get a sturdy, quiet and energy-efficient garage door. These doors do not deform due to humidity and temperature and therefore have a higher level of operational reliability. Basically, this means that your automatic garage door opener will not go away as quickly.

If you live in an area at high risk of wind from tropical storms or hurricanes, a metal garage door can provide the protection you need to protect your family and home from destruction. High wind resistant metal garage doors that meet the Miami-Dade Wind Code will provide 150 miles per hour protection. Engineering studies conducted after severe hurricanes show that once you lose your garage door in a storm, it only takes a few minutes before you lose the roof of your house. A high-pressure garage door can mean the difference between your home and your life and survival. The installation of this type of door will in many cases reduce your insurance costs.

A good quality steel garage door will have very little maintenance. You can buy a garage door that has a finish that only needs to be washed often to keep it beautiful. Doors with new composite exteriors are extremely strong and durable. No matter what type of metal garage doors you decide to install, they will last longer than the wooden garage doors.

Spending time on the Internet will help you find the best garage doors for your home. A visit to the local home improvement store like Home Depot will also provide a good amount of information. If you are handy with tools, they can also help you install a metal garage door. We think these metal doors are the best option available for the majority of new homes.


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