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Many marketers around the world are looking for ways to connect with their audiences in an effective and greater way. It becomes very clear that most consumers trust their co-consumers rather than the brands. In other words, the big and true power belongs to the customers, which is why brands have to adapt their marketing strategies in order to create better experiences for their audience.

We all know that the idea of ​​marketing influence is slow but steady one. Unlike traditional marketing, most companies and brands are willing or willing to invest the time needed to develop authentic and authentic relationships with their influencers. The results are measured in the acquisition of brand new loyalists and are not often measured in dollars and cents, but it is difficult to achieve success without additional funds to support it. That's what the company is, you need to invest time and money, in return, if your marketing strategy is excellent, you win more trusts and more funds or you fail if your marketing does not work.

and be careful, you do not need to be more focused on tasks like campaign management and relationships with influencers, but watch out. The most important tasks are finding the right people to work with, following the campaigns and measuring success or failure, but remember that failure motivates you to work and drive better for succeed. You do not need to spend most of your time on these multiple tasks, which is why the software is invented. If accounting tools save you time by counting your money and leaving you free to focus on how to increase your income. These influence marketing platforms reduce the administrative tasks that keep you from achieving your goals.

If you are new to the world of Influencer Marketing, these apps can serve you as preliminary steps to slowly gain your success as an influencer. and to make it easier for you to start, they help you build strong campaigns without having your head hurt.

  • TapInfluence launched TapFusion in September 2015, it is an automation software, they charge as a business solution, they have Target, Volvo, Lego and The Gap as their characteristics of the customer list. An impressive list that serves as proof of their website boasts of the effectiveness of the platform. The software itself looks more like an influence market, brands and agencies can search the massive database of software influencers. And those they've found their influencers, they'll work with them to define what the campaign looks like when it's launched. As soon as the campaigns are launched and broadcast in the streams of social media users all over the world, the software collects all the relevant data to feed its engine for analysis and reporting. TapFusion is an incredibly efficient platform on which to work, but it's not a platform for small agencies or businesses. Sign up for a demo and an automated email will show up in your email to indicate that an investment of $ 25,000 per quarter is required for business client solutions. If this seems too important to you, it is not the solution for you. But if your budget meets this requirement, your $ 25,000 will be well spent.
  • Speakr is less a software platform, it is a platform rather agency that associates brands to influencers. But that does not mean that technology is not a second thought, the software is there every time they work on their customers, that's the determining factor, how it represents its influencers. Its network has more than 20,000 social media stars, those who have not only great followers, but also those who show a constant engagement with a loyal audience. The audience is part of the requirement of one of Speakr 's influencers, they must also be ambassadors in their area of ​​interest. Speakr gives brands the opportunity to connect and develop content with many people at once. Speakr is not interested in the potential. Speakr also presented a list of major companies and brands such as, Verizon, Sony, Ford, Nissan, Disney, Microsoft and Universal Studios, so few have seen results using the Speakr platform.
  • Traackr . Without an in-depth analysis engine and an extensive network of influencers, no influential marketing platform would be complete. Traackr's platform focuses on Influencing Relationship Management because most companies recognize the marketing outlet of influence marketing by trust . This is the main goal of the brand's success in gaining a "lasting influence". Traackr allows brands to engage with influencers and their audiences who promote familiarity and build authenticity and trust. HP, Forbes, EMC, Intel and Travelocity are just a few of the big companies that have expanded their reach using Traackr.
  • Revfluence This platform is described as "self-service platform", it has access to more than 150,000 influencers through these huge social media platforms. This is a good choice for agencies and brands that are creating their own home marketing campaigns. Revfluence focuses on content creation, the Creator Collaboration Platform, the platform streamlines the workflow with influencers, the built-in tools help in the creation and management of each content and then follow the progress of each campaign. reach and ensure engagement with the public. This platform has Quest Nutrition, Birchbox, Dermalogica and Scopely on their featured brand list, it may not yet be familiar names but Revfluence is helping to push them to the next level.
  • NeoReach a small startup, they give the appearance of trying to define themselves fully. They describe their platform as a "self-service influence marketing software." Apart from that, they have an offer for "Managed Campaigns", they do design and complete campaign on behalf of their clients, so customers will jump into their dashboard and see the situation of their campaigns .. [19659010]


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