Innovation in the customer experience


It seems that many times, when we think of innovations, we are thinking about introducing a new product or service to the market and achieving millions of dollars in the process. However, innovations can occur in any area of ​​the business in order to help your business function better, to develop a strategic advantage, to differentiate itself, to reduce costs or to reduce costs. to become more efficient.

Innovations in the customer experience are a great way to attract new customers, retain those you already have and bring positive (or negative) attention to your brand. If you think about your experience with different companies – some make you think that you are interrupting the day of a person as opposed to the other one that does not seem to come out of your hair once you've done the first one contact – think about the impact of your experiences on your buying and loyalty decisions.

As a customer – the one who buys goods and services from others, you probably realize that you have certain expectations for your experience. Consider the interactions, for example, when you start your shopping experience:

  • You go on the Internet to search for the item you want to buy
  • You go to one of the sites that you find on the first page
  • You are reviewing this site to see if they can have what you are looking for. Is the site memorable? Do they have an offer to bring you back? Is the site easy to find what you want?
  • You go to several other sites to see what they offer
  • You go to the store that has the best offer. Is there adequate parking? Is the building and the land in good condition?
  • You go to the store. How is everything arranged? Is it easy to find what you are looking for? Do the staff welcome you?
  • Are there any other things that might spark your interest while you are there?
  • Are there any competent staff members to assist you in your purchase decision?
  • How is the payment process going? Are you able to use discounts and coupons? Do they help you with the manufacturer's rebates?

… and the process continues, examining each step of the process and analyzing how you can potentially improve the customer experience. Innovation in the field of customer experience can occur in many ways. Think about the financial benefits

  • Higher income: notice that people are often willing to buy something that costs a little more there are benefits – such as a high level of customer service, clean stores etc.
  • : You want your customers to come back. References: most people looking for a new solution will look for what others have said or experienced
  • Cost Reduction: Evaluating Your Program Can Reveal Ways to Reduce Costs by Assessing How people buy, want to interact with staff, manage returns, etc .; By understanding this, you can find other less expensive solutions that benefit your customers

All that boils down to the value equation: by identifying how you are going to bring the value to your customers every step of the way – the value chain – you can streamline your efforts while improving your customer experience. Keep in mind; This is not a one-off operation – it's the first step in continuous improvement that separates ordinary businesses from the extraordinary ones.


Source by Rick Meekins

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