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So when you are rearranging your house, what exactly should you do? If you are short of inspiration, here are some ideas to get you started.

The place where many people really like to go to the city with their design ideas is in babies & # 39; and children's rooms – you can paint them bright colors, make imaginative imagery of fantastic environments, draw pictures of children's favorite characters in books and television, and many other things. If you do this, why not let the child join the painting and show you what they want, with you just there to help fulfill their decorating dreams. However, one thing to watch out for is to continue to redecorate their room as they get older – you do not want them to be embarrassed to bring back friends when they are a teenager because of their baby room.

Another idea might be to make an "outside" & # 39; home, by inspiring your garden in the design of your home. It means a lot of greens and bruises, lots of plants, scents from outside, lots of windows – a real outdoor feeling inside.

Indeed, the best way to design a house yourself is often to choose a theme and take it as far as possible. I know a couple with a "house of space", with portraits of rockets and black ceilings with painted stars – that sounds silly, but it's really interesting to watch. Whatever you are passionate about, make your home show it.

Do not forget, however, that redecoration does not need to be entirely devoted to creating new things. You can get along with a few posters, ornaments, or simply rearrange or repaint your furniture. You really do not need to break the bank and hire a handyman to get your ideal home because a little work can go a long way.


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