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Houseal Unsecured log system

The installation in log homes has always been a problem, adding cost and complexity to the construction of log homes. Using traditional construction methods, logs are piled horizontally on top of one another (either plotted or braided). Because logs tend to shrink and settle over time, multiple layers of logs aggravate the effect of wood removal. A traditional 10 "round wood wall will settle for 6 to 8 inches depending on the water content of the logs. Special construction methods must be used to counter the effects of settling. The use of settling jacks, slip joints and oversized trim and borders are standard techniques used in the construction of traditional log homes. In addition, constant maintenance is necessary until the logs are completely installed.

The Houseal non-settling system is the most important innovation in the construction of log homes since the invention of the chainsaw. The Heal System (HNS) prevents settling and solves a range of potential problems for log home builders and homeowners.

The Houseal non-settling system is a patented method of building log homes. The HNS system was developed by Barry Houseal, a well-known structural engineer and log home expert. The basic premise of the HNS system is quite simple. Each layer of logs is held in place by a column of steel pipes and pins. The steel pipe prevents the logs from descending with gravity. Each layer of logs and roof elements are supported by the steel pipe.

Architects and designers love the HNS system because it gives a lot more flexibility in the use of log elements. Builders love the HNS system because it eliminates the settling jacks, the finishing boards and other construction techniques needed to counter the settling of logs. Engineers love the HNS system because steel adds strength to log walls.

PrecisionCraft chose to use the non-decanting Houseal system in all hand-made log homes and log homes. We believe that the HNS system is an innovation that adds significant value to our log homeowners.


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