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There is a myriad of choices when it comes to Double Glazing Installers, to whom to buy and what to choose. The options are almost endless and long gone are the days when an owner had to buy the same conformist windows as everyone else. Nowadays, double glazing can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each home, to reflect the homeowner's style and integrate with the rest of the street as much as needed.

Virtually all newly built homes have double-glazing as standard, and most other homes have been fitted with some types of double glazing. This is for very simple reasons. Double glazing insulates a house and keeps in the heat. This saves money on energy bills as well as making a home more comfortable. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that 50% of the energy lost through normal windows can be recovered when double glazing is installed.

Double glazing is also much safer – it is much harder to break than plain glass because it is usually soaked. In addition, double-glazed PVC surrounds are more durable than wood and do not rot in the same way as wood.

Although looking at lists of companies that offer double glazing may seem daunting at first, the vast majority of companies offer a free quote service. This means that it is a simple process for homeowners to call a raft of companies and ask them to come in and give from an estimate. Since it is usually a no-obligation service, it allows homeowners to shop until they find the best business for them. But beware and do not go with the cheapest offer just because of the price. Look at everything the company offers, including after care and insurance. You will also be able to ask which houses in the vicinity of the company has equipped the windows and go take a look at those to see if the windows are the kind of work you are expecting.

And of course, double glazing is not just for windows. There are French doors, French windows and front and back doors. The beauty of this is the fact that homeowners are now able to get a uniform look throughout their home, with matching windows, doors and patio doors. This will add more warmth and security and make the property much smarter.

Double glazing works, in fact, by giving your home three layers of protection. While the single glazing will just have the glass between your house and the outside world, with double glazing, you will get a glass, a trapped air layer and another glass, making it a very good insulator. The trapped air layers are an effective way to isolate anything, so if you wear multiple layers of light in cold weather, you will be warmer than wearing a single because they trap layers of air between them.

Double glazing is the right choice for any home for all these reasons – start making these calls as soon as possible to put your home on the road to increased heat and security.


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